Sunday, 29 April 2012

1 + 1 = 3

A simple mathematic sum that is taught so very wrong :)

This is because Dave plus Beth no longer makes 2 people...... because..........

Exciting and rather scary huh?
I am officially 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant :)
For some reason, I don't really know why, I've been kinda anxious and avoided telling people. I think I just wanted to make sure absolutely everything was fine- which it was of course! But hey! Caution doesn't kill!

There have been some people though that I've been DYING to tell! Namely friends who are also pregnant and I've wanted to know if my symptoms and feelings were similar to there's! But I've managed to hold out! It was a HUGE bonus and relief not having facebook anymore either :) seriously I feel like I've been set free since it's been gone and I've not missed it at all!!! :D Life is drama free!!

It's due 25th October (my ma and pa's wedding anniversary- pretty good present huh, first grandchild and all!) and we DO NOT want to know what it's going to be! Dave's more inclined to find out than me, but I made two valid points last night as to why not to find out!

1. It's ruining a surprise! It would be like being told what you're getting for Christmas 6 months in advance, but in that time you decide you'd actually like something else! Sounds a bit heartless in relation to a baby, but at least this way it will pop out and I'll be "that's just what I always wanted!"
2. Will save money as won't buy a new outfit every time I go into town! Will just be able to get the basics!

So yep 50/50 chance! And no real decision on names- and even if we had, as if I'd tell anyone :D hehe....

We had our first scan at 13 weeks- was pretty cool experience! Was a relief to know that there was a baby there! I hadn't been very sick in terms of how sick people get- just felt car sick ALL THE TIME for the first 12 weeks, and found it really hard to fancy something to eat- which is VERY unusual for me! Ended up eating lots of fruit and veg though- this pregnancy has done wonders for my diet and I've actually lost a couple of pounds rather than gained just because I'm eating so much better and not snacking!
Anyways, back to the scan! So yep, was nice to know it wasn't a phantom pregnancy and that everything was ok. Pip (the baby) was facing down towards my back, but we saw it pretty darn good :) It's little heart tick ticking away too :D Then because the midwife scanning lady was trying to get us a view of the face she turned me on my side, and then when I went back on my back the baby woke up and stretched. So we saw it's tiny arms and legs moving then it's ickle mouth swallowing away! PRICELESS!!

I impressed myself too in the bladder department! I'd trained it a couple of days to see how long I could hold out before being absolutely desperate, and when the day came I bought a bottle of drink with me to the hospital wing incase I didn't feel full enough, and I ended up drinking it all up and still didn't feel like I needed to go! But it must have been nerves or something because when the lady was doing the scan she said, "Ooo I better not push too hard because your bladder is very full" :) so I felt like I'd scored A* in an exam! Hehe.... once it was finished though man did I need the loo! And it was like the longest wee of my life!! (Nice sharing I know :)

I've only had the one craving! I was watching tv one Saturday afternoon, and thought to myself (with no help from the tv or anything like that) I really need some Haribo fat pink and white marshmallows. Because I knew we didn't have any I sat and went through in my mind all the food we had and if there was anything that would satisfy me. But I came up with nothing! So willingly Dave went down to the corner shop with orders to get these marshmallows if possible, and if not, something as close to it! He came home and oh boy was I joyous to see the pink and white goodness! I ate like the whole bag and nothing had ever satisfied me so much! But there's not really been anything since then! Unless you count my endless desire for fresh fruit :)

Ok... that's a long enough update methinks! Now off to start my awesome pregnancy and baby journal! Bought a set of beaut Sharpie pens yesterday for it :) hehehehe.... good excuse I thought!

So remember... 1 + 1 = 3 :D


  1. Congratulations you two, we loved the letter you sent. Martha opened it with her birthday cards, a very exciting extra birthday surprise

  2. BETH!! Congratulations to you and your hubby, that is so wonderful! Hope you are doing well! Sad I can't facebook stalk you anymore, so make sure you keep me updated on your blog! Love you lots! :)