Thursday, 15 March 2012

Cheerful Chesterfield!

To say we're loving our new home would be an understatement!! It's like we've always been here, and I have NO idea how we managed to fit all our stuff in a one bed flat :) And I have also learnt that I NEED a walk in wardrobe! Like NEED!!! So when we finally some time in the future buy a house we are getting one with a spare box room just for me :) and I reckon I could easy peasy convince Pippin to go along with it too :)....

Anyways, we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves there! The only downside to a bigger house.. is more rooms to keep tidy :) so I am making Friday's my cleaning days- wish me luck for tomorrow... as who knows if I shall actually follow through!

Dave is loving his job... and we're getting just a wee bit excited about his first paycheck coming in!!! Will be so nice to be able to afford things, and be able to pay back ma and pa for everything :) despite what they might say!!! (muahahahahaha) Plus Dave's promised me a shopping spree and a car! So I am on my best behaviour :D Although I've found since I know we're gonna be quite comfortable money wise, that I don't like spending it (apart from on food of course... like DUH!! Speaking of which, I'm totes getting distracted by the Masterchef final right now! Oh to be a food critic! Dream job alert!).

It has been a wee bit tough having the desire to travel to uni when I need to- especially Tuesdays catching the 6.54am train... so I'm most grateful for 4 weeks off!! Though also peeing myself because that means my dissertation is due in vair vair soon! : / eeeeeek..... just gotta keep breathing and not get distracted by brainless daytime tv... really need a study buddy to be honest... in the Chesterfield area... may put an ad out in the newspapers...... miss my Davey Babes study buddy :( he's all big and grown up now :( working big man job with big man shirts each day... so I think I need to man up a bit too! And get addicted to housework, or exercise preferably, although lets be honest when is the latter EVER going to happen!!

Okay... I've been running on and on randomly rambling..... so here's a couple of pics to finish it off!

This pic makes me smile BIG TIME! :) What a gorge bunch we make, and clearly my bro and Pip were made for each other! Plus... in other news... got to see my sister this past weekend for the first time since she's been traveling! So it was a most joyous reunion, which actually consisted of running to each other on our street to hug :) (insert dramatic cheesy music here!). AND I got to catch up with my bestie banana woman and her gorge Binks, who became my best friend for the day (mainly because I gave her a buttons egg methinks... or as she calls.. "ockyet" :) so was overall a very happy trip home (not even mentioning my mum's delish cooking ;).

And here's the second... what Chesterfield is famous for, and which continues to baffle me every time I see it... it ACTUALLY blows your mind!! But even the picture doesn't quite capture it's awesomeness...

Ta'ra luvs!!!

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