Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Bye Bye Bump Bothers!!

It's official, you have to make the most of anytime your little'un is asleep during the day, so 2 posts today it is :D

Today I have officially begun to appreciate having a more normal sized body without a human being inside it! Here are the bonuses of no longer having a hugemungous bump:

  1. Swelling gone in hands means I can now wear my wedding and engagement rings again! :D I forgot what my hand looked like with them on :) pretty pretty :)
  2. Swelling gone in feet and ankles! Meaning I can wear normal shoes again :) and buy new shoes!! The day I noticed the swelling had gone I got rather excited- it was like looking at Cheryl Coles legs to me!
  3. I can wear heels again :) it's only my life I'm risking now (as long as I'm not holding Sally of course!)
  4. Sleeping is sooooo much easier (when Jubba is asleep obviously). I forgot what it was like to sleep on your back and totally just spread out anyway you want.
  5. I can snuggle with Davey Babes again :) and nothing gets in the way and it doesn't irritate me like it admittedly did the last few weeks of pregnancy :) both of us can fit snuggling on the sofa comfortably! :D
  6. I can squeeze past people and things without worrying about poking my belly :) the kitchen is no longer an obstacle course.
  7. I weigh less!! :D It's sooo nice to see more normal numbers on the scales again :)
  8. Standing, sitting, walking and generally moving is sooooo much easier!
  9. My wardrobe is opened up to me again :) it's like I've been shopping I forgot what I had :)
  10. You have a baby instead of a bump :D

There is one drawback of no more bump though- I'm so much colder! No more built in hot water bottle! And boy do I notice it at night! I quite literally go to bed with undies, pjs, cardi and fluffy socks on and still need Dave's body heat to get me the least bit comfortable! Thinking I may need to invest in an actual hot water bottle- probably a good solution to this problem!
I have decided for sure that I'd rather go through labour (even my somewhat traumatic one) than 9 months of pregnancy- and that's saying something when my pregnancy was easy with no sickness and the like! But maybe I'm just bonkers :D
Okay, mummy sleepy time!!

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