Thursday, 20 December 2012

Everyday awesomeness!

Okay, just a pre-warning this is going to be a very sensible money spending promoting blog, which some of you may turn your nose up at....

With Pippin and I having to watch penny's pretty much all of our marriage thus far, we have become accustomed to selecting "value" products in supermarkets. In doing so we have discovered what should be bought... and what really shouldn't.... so here are some pointers!! (All of these are in reference to Tesco as that is our go to supermarket).


  • Everyday Value Instant Hot Chocolate- it is surprisingly delicious and costs something like 45p!! That's all we buy now (other than Ovaltine ;)
  • Everyday Value chocolate digestives, and most other biscuits- perfectly edible beings though you only eat them dunked in milk or the above :D
  • Everyday Value nappy bags! This is my newest discovery- you can get 300 scented and very durable nappy bags for 61p!!!!! I thought poundland had dibs in this area but these really cannot be beaten!
  • Everyday Value frozen veg :D no need to say more as frozen veg is frozen veg!
  • Everday Value tinned baked beans, chopped tomatoes and mushy peas- often more than half the price of the branded products and not much different, though I still do keep an eye out for deals.
DON'T BUY (unless you want to ;):

  • Everyday Value tinned sweetcorn... we have a handful and they're no way near as sweet and crunchy as good old green giant!
  • Everyday Value potatoes- even though you think you're getting lots for your money, that is often wasted in the number with black spots! Not good!
  • Everyday Value ham... let's just say it's not even meat ;) hehe....

So there you go :) Random blog me knows! But ah well! Hope you all have a very merry Christmas! We're super excited to be going to mums and dads :D super excited is actually an understatement! So watch out for a post Christmas post with lots of VERY cute pictures of our smiley Sally in all her Christmassy outfits :D woop de woop! She's is officially the cutest thing on this earth, closely followed by her future bestie Binks :D

Love yous!! xxx

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