Monday, 13 May 2013

We buy any car....

And we bought one! The Patricks FINALLY have a car!!! We never thought this day would ever come... Dramatic I know... But it's feels like it has been a very long time coming... And boy are we loving our new found pricey freedom! But we're willing to sacrifice some things to be able to keep our VW Polo. It's an old thing but in pretty good condition- the perfect first car for us anyway! I've only driven it a bit and gonna do a few top up lessons with Dave's instructor as it's been nearly 5 years since I've driven!! And, well I've never done a proper hill start before and I was quite literally thrown in the ocean deep the other day. It's safe to say Norfolk has no real hills... And Derbyshire is a WHOLE other ball game! So wish me luck!

So Pippin tried out commuting to work on the scary motorway and has since decided that it will be quicker and also safer to carry on taking the train but with an added buddy, thanks to the cycle to work scheme ( which is pure genius!)

This is him last night working out everything he was gonna wear :) perhaps the most organised for work Dave's ever been. May have had a little giggle too, as he looked a little bit like he was getting ready for his first day of big school ;) gotta love his intrinsic youthfulness! And I can't lie I'm more than a little bit jealous of his super shexxy foldable bike... Yummy! When we picked it up I felt like a kid at Christmas... I know... I'm weird :) so I think a bike with a kiddy seat on the back may be making its way on a list to the North Pole this year!

In other news Sally's all gorge as per usual :) and growing SUPER fast!!! She still just about fits on my chest for naps, though her feet do get a wee bit squished as she super long :)

 We love her so much and she's learning new cutie tricks like every day! The latest 2 are blowing raspberries and throwing things like full belt across the room! If only we had proper baseball in this country! She especially enjoyed throwing her play cups full of water out her bath and washing the kitchen floor for us! Think it's time to move onto a big bath!

Well and truly loving life!

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