Saturday, 28 December 2013

Guess who's back.... back again....

I'm back in the blogesphere! You have no idea how much I have missed it! But being without a laptop and hubby's computer being so faffy, and blogging on an ipad being quite simply a headache, and having a crazy 0-1 year old running (well crawling and waddling) around made this quite difficult! So I decided to take a break :) and just enjoy my little lady and quiet evenings watching lots of telly :D who doesn't love a bit of telly! Especially when you have such good taste as I. Speaking of which I'm currently watching the final episode in this new series called Atlantis on BBC- not normally my kinda thing but my ma and pa recommended it and I LOVE IT! Hercules is my favourite :) good ol' British production! Can't beat 'em! But I have a new laptop so ta'da here I be!

Anyways... back to me, me, me!
So for those of you who don't know the ins and outs of my oh so compelling life, here be an update, in bullet form... the greatest form known to man... and woman... gotta be equal and all that ;) I do love a good feminist :D muahahaha.....
  • Sally Sausage/Sparrow is now 1!!!! And soooooo grown up! I even have to blow dry her hair after she has a bath as her hair is so luscious! While I'm doing it I literally have flashes of that scene from Mamma Mia, the "School bag in hand" one... makes me feel all old and sentimental! Also she finally came off the boobyliscious about a month after turning one! And I defo think it's been harder for me than her :( she doesn't seem bothered but I definitely miss my hot water bottle, especially in this cold weather :(
  • We are currently waiting to hear the completion date for us to move into our own proper house with a mortgage and everything! I really am getting old! I read or heard recently that the average age for someone to get on the property ladder is like 36 or something! I'm only 22 (soon to be 23- also scary!). Was a big ta-do getting the mortgage, but thanks to a lot of prayers and fasting from a lot of LOVELY people we beat the very disproportionate odds! Defo bet on us :) we were hoping to move before Christmas, but now we're glad we didn't! Next week is gonna be packing central!
  • We have a new car! Whose two previous owners were my bro and my ma :) and waaaaay cheaper to run than our previous heap of dead money! We were close to paying someone to take it off us, but luckily it didn't have to come to that. I guess it did us good whilst we had it.
  • My mummy and daddy are now serving a mission! At the Leeds Institute :) another crazy answer to prayers in the whole series of events that led to that! Blessings literally have been pouring out everywhere the last couple of months, and we are so very grateful!
  • I am loving being a stay at home mummy! But did enjoy my first night off duty at Dave's work do just before Christmas :)  crazy to think I didn't leave her for more than an hour before that night.... think someone has attachment issues... and it's not Sally! I just love her so much!!!! I will not be going "back to work" as everyone insistently asks (oh no that doesn't annoy me), but I am going to (with thanks to my new laptop) continue wholeheartedly with my series of novels I have been planning to write! Watch this space!
I think that just about covers it! Nothing too exciting, but life truly is beautiful, even if stressful at times! It is all worth it.
Hope you had and are having the most merriest of Christmases and look forward to a happy and healthy new year!
Sally and I Christmas morning :)

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