Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Best Moments of My Life

This week the poorly Patrick pair have been out and not so about! Davey Babes and I have been hit with colds so bad, I'm pretty sure they were/are the flu (the only reason I'm reluctant to say so is because then I'd have to accept that I maybe should have taken my mum's advice to get the dreaded flu jab). Last Saturday to Tuesday Dave was ill, then Weds we were fine, then Thurs till now has been my time to wallow in pain and poorliness. So it's safe to say I've not left the house in like a week and have been feeling very sorry for ourselves (myself in particular obvs!). Thankfully Sally has been as right as rain, and given our well planned split of illness, and Dave taking time off work, one of us has always been able to look after her. I've been a tad Sally-less the past few days with Dave ordering me away to the bedroom so I don't get up to things (I'm tricksy like that- no idea who I get that from... mother... ahem...). But today I was feeling able to join them and was back on napping duty. Now this is a daily duty that I both relish and despise for the following reasons...

  • It takes sometimes up to an hour and a half to get her settled ready for a nap (trust me, this isn't her telling us she doesn't need a nap, as she always sleeps so much worse at night if we skip one) as she wants to carry on having fun and is just pretty stubborn... but mothers know best ;)
  • She has never wanted or liked napping in her bed... like ever! I even did the controlled crying a few times but her nap would last literally minutes! I think she just associates her room with bedtime so doesn't understand why we put her to sleep in there. You can't even move her up there once she is asleep as she's like psychic or something and wakes up the split second before her head hits her mattress. The pram used to solve this issue but now that there's not one really big enough to recline her all the way and rock back and forth, in my arms I get her to sleep. The thing I find difficult is having to slide her off me onto the sofa and having to get on with the jobs and stuff I need to do... it can be really difficult sometimes, and I can't lie, sometimes I do just indulge in my giant hot water bottle for a good hour or two :) or maybe cheekily nap myself (how dare you stay-at-home mum! What about all that work that needs to be done... people will say you're lazy.. pfft.. stuff yous..).
  • In the same light, I get some good time to do what I want to do... even if that is the dishes, or even shower!! (Yep sometimes it just doesn't get done till the afternoon- anyone else have those days?)
  • She's so cute when she wakes up :) her hair especially. And usually my family will race to get the post sleepy Sally snuggles as they are just out of this world :) but mummy wins pretty much all the time (woop woop)
  • I get to see her little face as it falls asleep, and get to snuggle up to her and think how wonderful she has made our lives. Like these moments are not going to be around forever.
One of these moments happened today. She's finally got into a position she liked and pulled my head to lean against hers. I then put my hand on her face and started stroking it with my thumb, to which she responded by wrapping her arms round my arm and stroked my arm with her thumbs in the same way. She did this till she fell asleep. And although it may just sound like a lot of arms and thumbs, it was the most perfect moment of happiness. She may be 2 years old now, but she can still be my snuggle baby for as long as she wants.

(This is Sals in the snow whilst I was cooped in bed! Her happiness in this photo is UNREAL!)

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