Thursday, 4 December 2014

Return of the blogger!!

It's like Bonss Blog part 3.... my previous laptop sadly died.... and my hubby loves me lots so now I have a new one, after a little wait :D And it's oh so beautiful by the way! So blogging and book writing, and indexing were all put on hold for the past few months. To be honest I felt rather lost :( so I'm MORE than happy to be back typing this away right now!

Now I feel a lot of pressure to write you some good ol' content....
Life's pretty good right now- apart from my feet feeling way to chilly for my liking. The Patrick household is super excited for Christmas! So much so we put up our tree one week earlier than usual... November 24th to be exact... we're so daring. Got all my Christmas shopping finished a month or more ago too, so we're having a very chilled start of December. Which is probably a good thing given that Sally and I took a slip down the top half of our stairs together and she broke her leg :( so there's not much venturing out with hop-a-long, though I think we'll journey out to the library tomorrow :D she loves a good book. She's being super brave, and I'm sure I'll dedicate a whole post bragging about her braveness very soon...
We're loving our home a lot! It's easy to forget all the stress and waiting we had to do before getting it, but it's so beautiful and we're very excited to get decorating in the new year- dining room first then our bedroom.
And finally Dave's brother Josh and his girlfriend Becky had their baby at the end of November :) a gorgeous little boy called Joshua Junior (JJ for short :) I'm soooooo excited to get snuggles when we go to see the whole fam after Christmas. So I'm now an auntie and Sally has her first cousin! And Dave's an uncle too :) This growing up stuff all happens rather quickly doesn't it?


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