Monday, 25 July 2011

I'm a terrible..terrible blogger!!

That is what I am! No question about it! I try to set myself a structure and everything and I still manage to fail!! So I think I'm just gonna chilax (as if I could relax any more tbh!), and just bloggedee blog when I feel like it- which I'm hoping will be more often than not!!

So today I am going to share with you my most AWESOME nails!! Bought 2 Barry M cracked nail polishes in pink and white- and boy do I LOVE THEM!! Even Davey Babes and Christophe were super duperly impressed by it (perhaps its the magic sciency cracking before your eyes they love)- my brother said... I quote.. "If I was to paint my nails thats what I would use" :D They're both also up for face masks :) perhaps I should be worried about them- they do enjoy spending alot of time with each other! ;)

Anyways! So here's the finished effect! (By the way I am amazing at painting my nails :) not to be prideful or anything :D )
Pink on Vintage Blue Avon nail polish :) it's like babies on my toes!!

White on glittery black No.7 nail varnish :) The best thing about it is that they haven't chipped!!! :) Very very pleasing unto me!!

Oh man... I love painting my nails! May have to follow in my sisters recent footsteps and do a nail course so I can do all your lovelies nails and makes some beautiful money for doing beautiful things!!! You can check out Rella Roo's awesome talent at in the pics mine are the cherry red nails :) I have very long fingers... thought you might want to know that intriguing fact!

Good to be back me loves!!!

Ciao!! xx

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