Monday, 5 September 2011

Forever is a long long time....

There's a song from a Mormon musical called Star Child... actually lets consult the marvelousness that is youtube.... (toddles off to open new tab...) no luck! Anyways... it talks about when considering the person that you marry, you should remember that forever is a long long time :)

So this song never fails to enter my head when I think of the eternities and having to spend them with not only Davey Babes but my family!! But I'm pretty lucky! My family are quite literally the best people to spend eternity with :) no kidding!!

My ma and pa are up in Leeds visiting for the weekend, and today, we were all sat after a family nap and Rella Roo called (the skin and blister) and we put her on speaker phone and had a good ol' family chat :) We somehow manage to include everyone in everything, even when someone may be miles and miles away!!

As I type type type away... ma and pa are asleep in our bed (most definitely having a chorus of their oh so special snorring song)... I'm in a sleeping bag on the sofa...hubby is playing Black Ops (don't worry I played a couple of games too, and ruled...then got sleepy so came off before sleepiness effected ma skillz)... and Chris has somehow willingly managed to be employed by Dave to mine gold on World of Warcraft.... lets just hope his interest doen't delve any further!!


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