Thursday, 16 June 2011

Mumsie- cont.

Blogger messed up!! Wouldn't let me carry on typing after the fab pics!! So here's the continuation!...
  • We have like this supernatural connection!! I ALWAYS without exception, know the mood of me mother. If there's something bothering her, and pa is perplexed... I know :) it's a pretty awesome magical power to have! We're totally intune with each other. Like, on more than one occasion we've gone to call each other at the same time as the other one was going to call :)
  • We call each other like every day!! All the time!!! :D She's always the first to know about everything that happens in my life (after Davey Babes), and the first to go to for advice! 
  • She is just the best friend and mum ever!! She even lets me call her Shell :) much to Rella's dismay ;) there is a reason though- when she was the bestest child minder ever all the ickle cute kiddies would get confused when I called her mum- as she wasn't their 'mum' as such, so I just called them Shell like them :) and it stuck :) sometimes that's the only thing she responds to :D hehe....
So here's to a mum who's AMAZING in the bestest way possible!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! And will be seeing you tomorrow :) WOOP DE WOOP!!!! <3 xxx

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