Sunday, 12 February 2012


Ok, so for those of you that don't stalk me as much as I probably stalk you, lots of stuff has being going on in our wee Patrick household!
Before Christmas Pippin started applying for jobs- big man engineering jobs, with big salaries (well compared to our current earnings of... zilch!). And just before Christmas, after three interviews (maybe 4) with the same company he got the job!!!!!
Soooo... WE'RE MOVING!!! THIS WEEK!!! To Chesterfield- a town just south of Sheffield and North of Derby (where the job is!) and it is famous for its Crooked Spire- which is pretty awesome I must say!!
We've been waiting around a bit because we've had to wait for Dave's security clearance (with the MOD :) but now that's through and it's all systems go!! Fingers, legs and toes crossed we've got a bootiful new house to rent! A HOUSE!! With not just one set of stairs and one extra bedroom... but TWO staircases and TWO spare bedrooms!!! AWESOME!!!!
So we are obviously very excited, but also sad at the same time as we've had to say goodbye to our friends from Leeds (the toughest being the awesome primary kids :).
We're growing up all over again!!!
Next time I blog we shall be living in Derbyshire!! Just round the corner from Mr. Darcy ;) ;)

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