Monday, 26 September 2011

The Back to Uni Buzz!!!

I'm SOOOOOOOOOO excited to be back at uni :) It was my first day today, of scary thirdyearness :) Granted I was only in for one hour... but still.... I'M LOVING IT!!! Gonna kick some academic butt this year- for sho!! I've already got a book out the library and done some further reading from my first lecture!! Check out the geek :D woop woop!!

To add to the just general buzziness and greatness, I have found out that I've got my first choice for my dissertation and quite literally an AMAZING dissertation tutor!!! My dissertation is going to be about religion and crime :) we've not done a single thing on the relationship between religion and crime... but I just know it's going to be sooooooo interesting, and keep me intrigued, and not cause death by boredom!! It's basically going to be focused on whether people being religious stops them from offending- if so why?- is it the belief system or because they feel responsible to a community as such.. they belong somewhere etc.... will also hopefully be able to touch upon how prisoners who are converted to a religion do not reoffend... SUPER DUPER EXCITED!!

Apologies for the geeky post... but boy oh boy, I just can't keep it all bottled inside!!!!!!!


Love love.....

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