Thursday, 19 July 2012

The man...

The past few months I have learnt a few new things about my hubby, Davey Babes!

1. Perhaps most important, he can and has put weight on :) he's now heavier than he's ever been before! :D This makes a wife very happy and he looks much healthier (even if it's due to him eating 900 calories of kit kats a day, and we had to buy him a new suit!)

2. He loves his job! I think we were both a bit nervous about what the change with him starting his first ever job would bring. But we both have finally become accustomed to waking up early and going to bed no later than 11pm :) And even though Dave does miss having more time at home, the second he gets in he loves telling me all about his day- even when I don't have a clue what he's going on about :D Plus the paychecks are very useful!! But yep it's a relief and blessing to know he's not afraid from working hard and enjoys using his brain (and has one :D )

3. He's going to be an emotional wreck at baby's birth :D hehe... I have watched a couple of episodes of One Born Every Minute (and now love it rather than am petrified by it). But every time I put it on or tried to mention any real details of it to Dave (or anything birthy related) he just put up his "I don't need to know" defences :) his argument was that if he's going to experience me in labour, he doesn't need to know about anyone else's experiences. In my head all I was thinking was that he's not going to have A CLUE, and will either sit there silently worrying, have lots of questions he should already have known the answer too, or will be useless and sit there annoying me (unintentionally) and play on his iphone :D hehe.... This was starting to concern me. Then last week ma and pa were here and we watched an episode I'd already seen together. I was just enjoying it and didn't even notice till a good 30mins into it that Dave was engrossed! Then when the babies were born and stuff he got all emotional and teary eyed. Was funny, because he was like "I'm going to blah when we have ours" and I think he realised why he maybe needed to be a little bit prepared, otherwise I'm pretty sure he'd just be a big state and even maybe end up fainting (oh please no!).

4. He's a bit of a wuss in general :) I had an inkling of this when we went to Pleasure Beach whilst dating and I realised how much I LOVE rollercosters. Now I thought Dave was pretty into them too. Now I'm not saying he's weak, but I clearly remember turning to him on the Pepsi Max to indicate to him that I was LOVING it and his face was HILARIOUS! A mixture of excitement and down right panic :D hehe... Well last night, we were both feeling rather poorly and there was nothing on TV so we decided to watch 'The Woman in Black' which ma and pa lent to us. We'd both heard lots about how spooky it was and I think were freaking ourselves out a bit. Admittedly I did put my fingers in my ears at a couple of occasions but Dave kept on putting the blanket over his head and looking at me and asking me what was happening rather than watch it himself :D Was rather funny considering it wasn't half as jumpy and much more predictable than other scary mary movies he's seen :D On that note though, I MUST watch this movie with a Miss Kate Evans- would bring me much pleasure as she got jumpy and scared by Avatar :D hehe....

So yep! Dave if you're reading this I LOVE YOU!! And am definitely looking forward to learning more about you as you become a daddy!! :D

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