Wednesday, 25 July 2012

3 months to go!

It's 3 months till my due date (25th Oct!). It's rather interesting but very exciting to think that in 3 months I could be snuggling a wee pip! I really think it's gonna be early though, not just because I'm inflating at a fast pace, but because my mum had all us between 1-2 weeks early and all of Dave's bros and sister were 2-10 weeks early (obviously would prefer it to be the 1-2 week mark!). But soon to be Nanny Shell is adamant that it will be born on or after their wedding anniversary (the 25th :) so that she can be here for when it pops out as her and dad will be on half term :D. But I've got a feeling that it will arrive the 15th October and weigh between 7lbs 8 and 8lbs 2 :D just saying :D hehe.... it's sex I'm not too sure on though, as I've dreamt it's a girl, but everyone else thinks it's gonna be a boy and Dave and ma have both dreamt (on the same night) that it was a boy! As long as it's one or the other I'm happy :D hehe....

The last couple of weeks, along with my growing waistline I have noticed some other changes! Baby feels like it has less and less space. A couple of weeks ago it could easy peasy do cartwheels round and round in side. Now every time it moves and stretches it's like a balloon being blown up which is already full with as much air as possible! But I'm keeping belly lathered up in lotion to allow for elasticity! Pip also now fights back! When they're awake and I can tell where it's feet (or hands) are Davey Babes enjoys pushing down on it so they punch back! Sometimes even when I just rest my arm on my belly I get a little prod! Cheeky thing! Then Sunday I was sat on our HUGE beanbag whilst the missionaries were round I sat up and we could feel like the baby's whole head kind of protruding out, before they realised they had more space elsewhere! Although Dave did rightly say it could have been it's cute buttocks!

All the above is exciting and enjoyable... but other less comfortable happenings are happening! Sleeping is becoming more and more difficult! Every time I turn baby readjusts itself, for a good 5-10 mins after moving! Understandable I guess, but when I'm on my left side pip kicks me in the left side as if I'm squishing them, so I turn onto my right and they do the same that side! So then I lie on my back and they punch their fists upwards and I get cramp in my leg! So it's never ending fun! At least I'll be ready for a baby waking me up constantly (that's what I'm telling myself at least!).

Expanding belly is also starting to cause problems in the clothing department, sweating department (especially in this heat- but I'm not complaining) and it keeps bumping things. For example this morning I was making hubby toast and I kept nudging the plate on the counter with my tubby tummy without realising :) was quite funny really! And I can no longer squish in narrow spaces, as suck in as I might it doesn't go anywhere!! Also the other day I was attempting to try on shoes in various shops and it was near to impossible doing it standing up- I had to walk halfway across the shop to get on one of the seats, to only find my slightly heat swollen feet do not fit in them at all!

Perhaps most sad of all, I have realised the last couple of weeks that I'm probably not going to be able to see Skyfall (the new James Bond movie) and the last Breaking Dawn movie! Unless I go past my due date, so I guess I have to weigh the pros and cons! Going into labour watching a Mr. Daniel Craig would be pretty memorable though I'm sure! Ah well... the sacrifices I make :) hehe...

In other news a good friend (well friends) have had their little package come into the world :D A gorgeously perfect little boy! :D Davey Babes and I are a wee bit jealous :) they make such a perfect little family!

Also, very excitingly... my bestest friend Hannah Banana is pregnant with baby Holt number 2!!! :D Due 22nd January (2 days before my birthday, so rightly so that's when it's actually going to arrive :). So not so little Binks (the cutest girl IN THE WORLD!!) is going to be a big sister :) and little pip is going to have a future wife or husband! Although baby Manning (the aforementioned handsome boy) will also be in the running :D Arranged marriages make life much simpler!!

Here's the Banana Woman and I 3 years ago :) And we are just as bootiful ;) hehe... in fact more so as we are both technically BLOOMING!! :D

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