Sunday, 8 July 2012

16 weeks and counting...

It's official I'm counting down till baby comes! Getting very very excited, and my nerves are starting to disappear (for now at least!). I'm even really excited for labour just to find out how I react to it, and to be showered with compliments by Davey Babes and the midwives :D what more could you ask for... hehe... okay, maybe I'm slightly deluded :D

This past week has been a very good week for me :D

Monday I got my degree results, and I got a 2.1 :D so I'm well pleased that I didn't completely flunk this year, but secretly still will have loved a first! But I know I worked REALLY hard and did my best, so I'm happy to know that I got what I deserved :D plus, as my friend Zena says, I did it with a baby brain! Don't think there's many people who can say they got a boyfriend, planned a wedding, got married, moved, moved again (commuters distance!) got preggers and still managed to get 65-71s in their final exams, essays and dissertation :D So I am well pleased (as Heavenly Father says), and not the least bit proud of myself! ;) hehe.... I am very proud of my bro though who got his well earned 1st (he only needed to pass this year to get it he's such a genius! And he's already working at his graduate job- ka-ching!!).

So yep Monday was good- made even better by the presence of the one and only Rella Roo, +1 ;) ;) ;) hehe.... I say no more ;) ;) ;) ..... I shall save utter embarrassment for another time :D

Reached the 24 weeks mark on Thursday and got to see Mrs. Midwife (which I love doing :) and got to hear Little Pip's heartbeat (after much prodding and poking as they were quite literally running away from the midwife, she kept feeling it's legs and arms flying everywhere!). We also made our first 2 baby clothing purchases- one being it's coming home outfit, and the second it's halloween outfit as it will still be a wee red and wrinkly sprog (fingers crossed it's born by then), both from H&M which has some BEAUT unisex baby grows and stuff *hint hint* for all those of you complaining about not knowing what to get someone who doesn't know what they're having (although I'd also fully appreciate krispy kremes and muslins :D). But you shall have to wait and see these till Little Pip arrives (a long time I know, but if I've gotta wait for them to pop out the least you can do is wait to see a wee outfit!).

Here's my 24 week bump... and yep, I'm already an elephant! Don't ask me why!!!??!!!
I am happy to say though that they are pre-preggers trousers that I could get on with no added button, though I reckon that that's the last time I'll be able to do it as baby is so low, yet soooo high at the same time! I sure I'm feeling it kick higher higher everyday! Midwife seemed to think everything was normal though, but did say I'm getting a nice bump. Just hoping that it stays nice, because I feel like everyone looks at me and thinks I'm at least 6 months pregnant!!! People keep saying, "oooo it's going to be a big baby" but I reckon that it's either had a growth spurt the last couple of weeks, and will settle down, or it's just loads of fluid as baby seems to be able to spin around and stuff inside just fine and I've still not gained as much weight as expected! But time will tell I guess! At least I've got a significantly recognisable bump to show off at my graduation come Thursday :D hehe....

On a slightly sad note though, I fell over today walking down our dangerous drive! My leg slipped under me and I grazed my leg, foot and have bruised/squished my big toe! Just glad I had a big fat bahooty to land on :) baby of course was fine- proven by it's huge thuds and kicks during church today!
Here's the poorly leg for all to see!!
Really in need of a pedicure now as the plaster ripped of my nail varnish and my big toe is all ugly :( But I think I shall have to call on hubby's skills to do them as I quite literally think I won't be able to reach them (sucky!!).

Okay... here endeth the LOOOOOONG post! 

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