Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I've decided that little pip is a mini terrorist- they're definitely their Daddy's child that's for sure! When it gets to like 6pm baby is really high up and starts moving all creepily (this sounds really bad but it really isn't the most enjoyable thing in the world- the only thing that makes it bearable is knowing it's because little baby is happy and well!). Anyways, in the last week it has developed this trait of knocking me very annoyingly when I so much as rest my hand on my tummy. On holiday I'd just lightly rest my book on it whilst reading and it would get all annoyed with me- I always thought having a book rest was a major benefit of a bump! And then just now I've been writing in my baby journal (it's taking me FOREVER to get it up to date) and the back pages were just leaning on the bump ever so slightly and all of a sudden they were being pushed away!

To be honest, at the minute I'm just glad I haven't seen little feet sticking out of me or anything like that yet (let me tell you I've had some SCARY MARY dreams about it's fingers and body stretching out) and my belly button is still very much an innie :D . Although having said that you can really feel it's head and body, so maybe only time will tell! Especially as belly is getting bigger, and Davey Babes spotted my first little stretch marks under my belly button. Measured today and my bump is 46 inches round! And it was 44 inches less than 2 weeks ago!!

Argghhhh!!!! Just realised I'm 30 weeks this Thursday! Now that's scary! Luckily I've been a wee bit excited and organised, and we've already got the pram out ready, the furniture set up, and all the stuff for the baby (granted I got the last couple of bits today) in hospital and the first weeks or so out (pretty sure we've got a month's worth of nappies and wipes!). Just got to get the last few wonderful bits for me for the hospital (let me tell you my eyes have been OPENED as to what you need to take and why...), and then we're just gonna wait and see what it is before we buy the rest of it's clothes :) got 3 WAY cute outfits (H&M is AMAZING!) and a couple of packs of the basic sleepsuits and bodysuits! And a years supply of home made knitted cardi's :D but that's the bonus of having an autumn/winter baby :D

Apologies for the kikey post! (That's 'crazy' in Cornish :) Baby brain on full speed mode :D hehe.... I'm gonna go COMPLETELY bonkers when this baby's born, I can feel it!

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