Thursday, 30 August 2012

Scary thoughts!

32 weeks today!! This means that baby Patrick should definitely be here in 2 months (fingers, toes and legs crossed... though I guess legs need to be uncrossed for baby to appear- nice thought I know!!).

Starting to get VERY excited! And I mean VERY! Feeling quite ready for a wee baby now methinks... but I guess I could just be having a good week. Either that or I'm insane... OR more likely I'm sick and tired of being pregnant. I really do not quite understand women who say they LOOOOOVE being pregnant, and my pregnancy hasn't even been that traumatic! It's just very wearing and takes a looooooong time! I very much love knowing there's a baby in me and stuff (that's still magical), but what it does inside there, and the pressure and tiredness it creates in the rest of your body is FAR from magical! In my case at least!

This past week seems to have produced a change in my pregnant self. Firstly there are even more stretch marks making their way onto my body AND the belly is just getting bigger.. I actually really scared myself when I stepped on the scales a week or so ago and saw my weight in st. and lbs... was not a pretty sight. However I am starting to love my bump, like I'm starting to surprise myself when I look in the mirror.. it's like WOAH! That's all me! Plus having a big bump makes my legs look skinny (felt like Tina Turner the other day) and makes me think that me - bump = slender lady ;) Plus my hair is being all thick and glossy and lovely and doesn't come out in huge lumps in the shower like it used to. However this thick long hair of mine is also an annoyance as I get sooooo sweaty in general, but also it feels like such an effort to brush it, let alone blow dry it and style it! So I'm tending to adopt the wild lion mane look :D I think if anyone can get away with it it's a pregnant lady... in fact maybe it was me those people in Essex saw in a field ;) hehe... man that story still makes me laugh my head off!!

Anyways my baby brain is taking over and I'm getting a bit off track! So yes I have been appreciating my blooming body in the looks department a bit more... but boy have the aches and pains upped! It's not so much my back that's the problem anymore but every other part of my body!! Plus I'm getting more than my fair share of Braxton Hicks contractions and baby seems to be getting the hiccups at least 4 times a day... sounds cute I know, but trust me it can get a bit annoying. I've even resorted to trying to scare the baby to make it stop... now that is amusing to see... Sleeping is also becoming more problematic.. especially with middle of the night huge hunger pangs and it becoming a full blown mission to turn over from my left to my right!

So yes... all in all pregnancy is living up to its expectations. Just hoping that last few weeks aren't too unbearable and that baby comes along just right :) preferably in 5 weeks ;) hehe.. one can hope! Now boy is that scary... there COULD be a baby here in 5 weeks... Davey Babes was saying how soon we'll be saying.. "We'll have a baby next month!" Only 2 more sleeps till that!

I am grateful though that everything is going along, in terms of baby's growth and health, as it should, even if people say to me, "Ooo you must be due in like 4 or 5 weeks" and then I have to show them the slightly "If only" face and reveal that it's actually nearly twice that! I think it's just because I'm carrying little pip all on front and very low so I just look MAHOOSIVE but I actually measure right... or so I hope! I guess we'll find out at my next midwife appointment in 2 weeks! I'm also grateful that we've got everything ready for baby now- can't imagine going round town trying to get everything together when I'm this inflated! Though I know I'm going to constantly unpack and repack the hospital bag.. but I hear that's quite normal.

Just have a couple of shout outs to make (because my blog is just sooooo famous you know ;).
Firstly to hubby's cousin Caroline who FINALLY gave birth to her gorgeous baby boy Oliver Ejai, nearly 2 whole weeks late! How she coped I do not know! But I hope I don't have to learn how to hehe...
Secondly to my Mrs Hannah Banana, Pilchard and Binks who found out yesterday that they have a second gorgeous girlie on the way!! So it's official, if pip is a boy it shall marry this Holt offspring, and if it's a girl it will have 2 of the bestest and beautifulest girly friends in the world :D FACT!

Apologies for the lack of photos, but I be at the 'rents for the week so can't be bothered to work out how to get it on their computer and the like... so today you just have lots of rambling words :D Lucky you!! Now it's time for me to say goodbye and go eat melon- it's supposed to ease heartburn and indigestion- wish me luck!!

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