Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Oh Cornwall!!

Cornwall, Cornwall, Cornwall.... we love thee more than... more than... well more than any other place on earth! So much so that my brother Christopher has pledged to regain his rightful inheritance of Land's End (the Vingoe's owned it before some other losers came and stole it from us!) as he is the only direct and true Vingoe male in England (or so my dad reckons!).

Anyways... last week we were in Cornwall on a most splendiforous holiday- the regular every year holiday in the same place doing the same things with the same beautiful people! Many don't understand why it is we go every year, but trust me, you would if you knew how magical our Cornish holidays are!

Christophe the bro picked us up early Saturday morning to drive us all the way down to bootiful Porthcurno! In the word's of Rain Man... he's an "excellent driver". We hit a bit of holiday traffic once into Devon and Cornwall, but still managed to get there by our BBQ dinner time in the BOOTIFUL garden :D plus, we stopped on the way and bought these beauties!!...

Yummy yummy yummy... the chocolate dreamcake was mine ;)

All in all it was another wonderful holiday :) filled with yummy food, the olympics, and my favourite people in the world (minus Rella Roo :( ). Here's some pics from the holiday of holidays :)

Beautiful beach :) sadly we couldn't go down to our usual beautiful Porthchapel due to the climb down not being particularly suitable for a 6 months pregnant lady! But Porthcurno beach definitely sufficed!

My patriotic painted toenails :)

My first of 2 proper cornish pasties :) the second was much tastier- so much so it didn't make itself onto my phone gallery :D hehe...

Porthgwarra on mums birthday :) and boy did the sun come out! We have sun lines to prove it! Though I'm not showing you mine ;) ;) hehe.... but let's just say if you took Dave's legs, my chest and shoulders and Chris' arms and face you had a lovely cooked lobster :D

Very excited to return next year with a little munchkin of our own :D

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