Thursday, 12 June 2014

TKMaxx Haul :)

Currently sat in our little garden, in the glorious sunshine trying to tan the pins whilst Sally's digging for ants... She's always sooooo happy to be outside! So I thought I'd write a post whilst she gets mucky :) 

TKMaxx has recently become a new addition to our family... I had always despised the one in my home town (was just too higgledy piggledy) and it had pretty much put me off them... That was until we moved to our new home and decided to go there to look at their home stuff... Now I'm slightly obsessed with the place.... The bargain hunter within me literally is in paradise whenever we're there. So last Saturday we ventured over and this is what we came back with... Eeek.... 
I feel pretty... Oh so pretty :)
Who could refuse? (my husband couldn't ;) 
We have a wicker/basketry drawer thingy majig that has two compartments... This is to go in our new ikea bookcases to hold some stationary bits in :) 
The pretty blue box thing is also destined for our bookcases... Though what it is going to hold I do not yet know... From memory the wicker one was something like £9.99 and the blue one £7.99...
The beautiful Kirsty Allsop (apologies for any spelling errors) door stop :) it's perfect and for just £5.99 a darn good cheaper than a load of other places we saw them. Plus it doubles as a weight lifting exercise for 19month olds.
A decorative 'E'... Couldn't not pick it up really! As with most things in TKMaxx, if you don't get it there and then then you probably won't be getting it ever :) and it literally turns my bookcase from a storage solution to an interior design decision :D (I will probably do a post on just our bookcases once they are completed don't you worry pet!) think it was £6.99?
A glass soap holder... Which Dave is going to use to keep all his cufflinks on :) smart huh? Believe it was £4.99
A cream pink/rose gold eyeshadow by some random company, which was reduced to £2 instead of £14.99 and it's BEAUT!

Then last but by NO means least... I've even spaced out this paragraph for dramatic effect!... A pair of Michael Korrs pointed silver/steel grey pointed pumps! Ah me gosh! These babies are literally the love of my life at the mo (if only I could have them forever like Sals and Dave). When I saw them I just had to try them on, then there was no turning back as they are THE MOST comfortable heels EVER! Granted they're not my highest but boy oh boy, they had me at hello (anyone else know the BeyoncĂ© song?). Now at £39.99 instead of £95 they were a bargain... But that's still a lot for a pair of shoes, especially as I'm no longer a shoe spendy teen... Luckily I had high hopes they would go with my outfit for my bros wedding, and I said I'd bring them back if they didn't go with the dress. Who knows if I'd actually have been able to do that, thankfully I didn't as they are so darn perfect a match for my outfit... Have promised myself I won't wear them out till then... Can't say you won't catch me in them doing the housework (oh so glamourous when donned with pjs ;) can pretty much say I'm an owner of designer shoes too surely?? :D 

I just need a new excuse to go back there... Could exercise count? I'll try not to buy anything ;)

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