Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Beautie, beautie, BEAUTIFUL!!!

I am IN LOVE!!! It never fails to baffle me the emotional effect new beautiful clothes have on me! And boy I was not prepared for the joy of today (even though the delivery man woke me up!!).
I am now the owner of a gorge set of stacking rings, a cute skinny gold chain swallow bracelet, a beautiful flowwy armed nudey/pinky blouse (yep that's my best descriptione!!), a pair of mango bootcut/flared jeans (£10 instead of £40!! Beat that Primark!!), pinky/nudey skinny chinos (LOVE THEM!!) and last but by no means least, gorge pale pinky suede wedges :)


I shall upload pics of the AMAZING outfits I create with this awesomeness!!! I am currently still in my pjs :) yep STILL!! :) hehe!

Note to self... chocolate fudge cake heated up with lots of cream= perfection!!! :D

Well not sure when I shall next be blogging! Off to the 'rents for the weekend :) more Shell and Florence time with a major hint of Rella :D :D Got an exciting wedding to go to, AND a new haircut :D AND a BBQ AND best of all ma and pa are doing an EASTER EGG HUNT!!! Which is quite literally awesome, given that we are between the ages of 20 and 53!

So HAPPY EASTER!! Enjoy your 4 day weekend :) I most certainly will be :) xxx

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