Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Mamas and Papas :)

My mummy and daddy are the bestest IN THE WORLD!! FACT!!! Anyone who is willing to dispute this come see me... and I will quickly change your mind :)

The reason why I have been AWOL these past few days is because I was with my mama and papa :) and shall be seeing them again this weekend :D WOOP WOOP!!

We went down to Lynn for mother's day :) and boy do I love being 'home'- and by home I mean with the 'rents and in the most wonderfulest house in the world!! I wish we could just pick up number 17, and place it in a nice little space in Ilkley or somewhere like that :D

Anyways... I was thinking of you this weekend, and have taken photos for thee!! Though I did forget to take a pic of the celestial bathroom... shall have to save that for you next time we're back in paradise!!

So here's some of the reasons why I love the humble abode of Shell and Florence :)

Number 1 most definitely must be THE FOOD! (as everything is for me, lets be honest!! Speaking of which I had a delicious salad- yes a salad- from Pizza Express :).. On Friday we had a pretty much regular meal (meaning what we had throughout my most food privileged childhood)... but in comparison to mine and Dave's efforts (and we don't even have kids!!) it was AMAZING!! And here the meal be....
At the top we see my plate of toad in the hole with mash :) But because hubby isn't particularly keen on mash, amazing mummy made roasties just for him!! (Well she had to give a few to Christophe too, gotta keep him happy ya know ;) AND the boys got 4 sausages!!! It's safe to say this was all quickly gobbled up- and followed by ma's brownies :D yum yum!!

On Saturday I helped mum make homemade pizzas :) I chose the toppings- and boy am I a GENIUS!!! Here be the AMAZING pizzas!!
Hidden under the masses of cheese, we have mushrooms, chicken, tomatoes and salami :) was gooooood!!!
On the left we have ham, pineapple and mushrooms... and the right (my personal favourite) double pepporoni and cheese :) yum yum yum....

Didn't get any pics of the other meals... but they were.... Sunday- roast chicken with all the trimmings and HOMEMADE CHEESECAKE!!!!!! Monday- salady yumminess!! Tuesday- Denny's fish and chips- Anne (the main woman at the chippy) is a LEGEND!! Man I wish I got a pic of her!!!!

Right time to move away from food methinks.... another great thing about the Vingoe household, is my HUGE bedroom!!! (Well it's officially still mine and Rella's...but anyways...).. This room makes me happy mainly because of the most AMAZING mattress!! You could quite literally lie in bed ALL DAY!! What is even more amazing about this mattress is that it is upon boxes- boxes still full of stuff from when ma and pa were planning to move to Leeds- before Heavenly Father changed their plans...cheeky thing!! Here be the awesomeness!!
Furthermore... this bedroom (much to Dave's dismay...) contains remains of my once great devotion to one Mr. Orlando Bloom....hehehe.....

And the last thing that makes me most joyous about this room... and which I am always surprised by... is my BEAUTIFUL wedding dress hanging on the wardrobe! Makes me want to wear it every day!

Hmmmmm.... *daydreaming*....

And to the last thing I shall tell you of about this most wonderful place.... my mum and dad not only have an amazing food storage (basically a supermarket in the lobby!)... but they also have a years supply of other essentials...hehe this quite literally made me laugh my head off- there's 72 rolls!!! And there's only Shell and Florence that live there!!! CRAZY :D

Well there's you go my lovelies!!! You may be lucky enough to get another post from me tomorrow- but then we're off again!! A week full of family!!! :D
Hope you've not been too sad whilst I was away!!

Much love!!
Bethy Poos!! xxx

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