Friday, 29 April 2011

Every wedding a Royal Wedding!

I have decided that my next wedding to Dave and everyone that follows shall aim to be on par with the shenanigans of today :) (when I say next, I mean that I dream of re-enacting our wedding day every year on our anniversary- I've never been much of a collector, but I reckon I'd be pretty good at collecting wedding dresses :D).

I was rather excited about today :) I pretty much knew the schedule off by heart by the time it all started this morning! :D This glorious wedding day started with me waking from a rather disturbing dream! I dreamt that I was with the wedding party as such, but everyone went to the bride's hotel to see her before they went to the Abbey. So I was with her stylist (or something like that!) and we went and saw her (we were the first car to go), and she was wearing Princess Diana's dress and had cut her hair short and dyed it blonde.... was a bit creepy, and in my dream I was a bit more than gutted!

So we started watching from around 9am! :D Shell and Florence are up for the weekend, so they were already awake in our living room! And then we just watched away! Before Prince William and Harry left for the Abbey I quickly got dressed, making sure I wore red white and blue :) this was actually quite difficult as I discovered the only red pieces of apparel I own are scarves! So I kinda ended up rocking the nautical look for the Royalness! Then, just before the Duchess of Cambridge (in a most BEAUTIFUL dress- I have ooogled over dresses like that online before my big day) arrived, I painted my nails with blue glittery avon nail varnish (which was made to mark this royal occasion) on the tips and added lines of red and white on a couple of the nails- hubby helped with his awesome painting skills :D

I think my favourite part of the whole day, and the part that nearly made me tear up was when she was walking down the very very long aisle and HRH was waiting.. not turning around, and Prince Harry was saying 'Wait till you see her'. Was such a privilege to be a bird spying on their beautiful day! Though I also did love the driving in daddy's blue Astin Martin... was pretty fantabbydoodle... Oh and the 2 cheeky kisses, which I would have LOVED to have been even cheekier! Oh ok.... the whole thing was pretty darn amazing!!

We then went to a street party at church which was fun too, talking to a most wonderfullest couple Kate and Richard who never fail to make me laugh.... and also being SERIOUSLY, all jokes aside, beaten at an arm wrestle by an 8 year old!! She's not even big! I am most defintely WEAK!! hehe.....

So yep I just wanted to share my thoughts on this beautiful day! If only the country could be as united as it was today (or at least appeared to be ;) hehe.....

Britannia truly does rule the waves!!! <3

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  1. Not a collector? How many pairs of shoes? How many items of clothing?
    Methinks she is turning a blind eye! (bad eyesight anyway)