Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Procrastination Tuesday

I would love to say that I am writing this post as it has been soooooo long.... but in reality... it is because I am procrastinating from doing an assignment :( this is pretty much a norm.... it's not that I'm scared by all the work I've got to do, I've actually pretty much got it all sorted planning wise... it's just the commencement of typing that seems so difficult. I think I'm just lazy... anyways!!! Rant over!!

I do have some wonderful things to share with you about my day! (The past week has been fab visiting family too, shall talk about that more later :)...
So today:
  1. Got to sleep in our bed (well last night, but it meant we woke up very happy this morning!) Nothing really beats your own bed!
  2. Caught up on all the TV I've missed the past week! (I'm starting to think that TV really is a hobby of mine..sad I know!!) And still to catch up on Desperate Housewives!!! Soooooo excited! Watching 90210 at the min, and Dave (yes Dave) realised that the geeky kid in it is the pyscho murdered in Desperate Housewives- that explains my uneasy feelings, and also proves that Dave can multi task as he watches most of my programmes whilst he plays black ops :) So there is hope for the male species ;) 
  3. Went to Pizza Express for tea (2 courses for £10)- not as good as orange Wednesdays deal, but hubby's phone is broken :( I forgot just how much I LOVE TOMATO AND MOZZARELLA SALAD!! Made me have hungerlike pangs for the amazingness of Italy!!
  4. Bought a BIG FAT chocolate fudge cake from Sainsbury's as it cost the same as one slice from Pizza Express :) Shall be going for my second slice after this!
  5. Dave and I got £5 each from his Little Nana to buy ourselves easter eggs (she's AWESOME!!). And much to my delight, Sainsbury's had buy 1 get 2 free, at £2.50. So that's 6 eggs :) SUPERDEDUPERLY HAPPY!! The house is full of chocolate :) 
  6. Last... and perhaps best of all, hubby treated me to some BEAUT purchases from ASOS (they've got an AMAZING sale on at the mo) and they are being delivered TOMORROW!!! AHHHH!!! So excited!! Lets hope they fit!! :D :D :D :D
So I think that's about it! Oh yeh!! Plus I had a couple of AWESOME games on Black Ops- even beat Davey Babes in a game :) muahahahahaha!!! I am the COOLEST wife EVER!!! After my mummy of course!!!

Well I'm off to get some cake and munch my essay sorrows away!! Toodles!!! XX

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  1. Would it be to sad post a comment on here if your in the same room as me? :P