Friday, 29 June 2012


Just had a slightly surreal experience which has made there being a baby inside me a little bit more realistic! Little Pip had been kicking up a storm for a good couple of hours, and half our non-stop... and although feeling the ickle thing wriggle is wonderful it does wear you down after a while- it's kinda like having rumbly bowels or something... or like you insides are being kicked in to be honest :D hehe... so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I stood up and rocked side to side... and hush hush hush went the baby :D Here's to hoping it will be that easy once it arrives into this mad mad world :D hehe....

BTW.... for all you young hot mummas (or soon to be mummas) out there.. superdrug have got Huggies baby wipes buy one get 2 free!! :D Works out to be less than 80p a pack :D BARGAIN!!

And I may have decided "to buy" rather than not to thanks to a wee shopping spree on hehe... muahahahahaha.....


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