Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Bounteous Bump!

32 weeks + 6 days! Tomorrow will be 7 weeks to go! When did I hit the under 10 mark?? Though that does mean 7 more weeks of nearly non-existent sleep, followed probably be at least another 7 weeks of non-existent sleep! But at least I'll be able to sleep on my back again! :D Also that's 7 weeks to get my baby journal fully up to date! Nearly reached the 24 week mark! I WILL get there! Well I've not really got anything else to do :) apart from baby's big alphabet cross-stitch which is coming on very nicely :D

I am finding baby's movements more fun now though rather than creepy... though it's still rather freaky when you feel like a proper little foot shoving against you!

I've decided that, given my ample free countdown time, to document my bumpy outfits as sometimes I impress myself with how fashionable I manage to look with such an extension on my body! Today was one of those days! I love it especially when they're my normal non maternity clothes :D makes me glad that I haven't spent tons of money on maternity clothes which is ever so tempting! Here's today's outfit!

Top: Primark, Belt: H&M, Skirt: River Island, Shoes: Primark, Ring: Primark

And from memory I'm pretty sure the whole outfit's price is around £28! :D That makes me happy! Primark and sales are definitely my friend!

Bought a new dress today for a fiver from a charity shop, and hoping to be able to work it! That's if it fits with this balloon on the front of me! If not it shall have to wait till November!

(P.S. have you noticed how good I am at cropping my head out of outfit pics :) lets just say my face and hair are often far from presentable :D hair more so as it gets me all worn out and sweaty doing something with it! Thanks little pip ;) )

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