Friday, 21 September 2012

5 weeks and beyond!!!

Only 5 weeks to go! Baby Patrick could be here in a month!!! And I'm very excited to meet them and finally find out what they are!!! We're thinking of taking bets soon :D we just need to work out what the person wins if they get the sex, date and weight right... any ideas??

My baby app for the 35 week mark says "His elbows, feet or head may protrude from your stomach when he stretches and squirms about"- they are not lying! It's creepy as I can kinda push baby from one side to the other if they're squishing me too much! Not much more room in there methinks! Starting to love my stretchmarks a little bit though... granted it's a good job I'm not a bikini kinda lady, for everyone else's benefit, but I do love how I have this band round my middle that looks like a volcano :D

Was Davey Babes birthday yesterday- he's 27 now!!! What an old man.... don't know why but there seems to be a huge age gap between 21 and 27... I broke the sad news to him last night that when little pip is 20 he'll be 47, and I'll be a hot momma at 41 ;) hehe...

Anyways! Here's a few more outfits! It's official! My autumn/winter wardrobe is on it's way out :D hello maternity jeans ;)

Top: Primark, Belt: New Look, Skirt: River Island

Top: Maternity New Look, Belt: New Look, Leggings: Primark
My first official "Autumn" outfit!

Top: Topshop from charity shop, Cardigan: Primark, Cords: River Island (managed to fit with help of belt band woop woop!!), Bracelet: Pandora
Kinda threw this one together but it worked :D

Dress: Primark, Jumper: H&M from charity shop, Leggings: River Island from charity shop, Belt: New Look, Necklace: Topshop I think! Shoes: Tesco Florence and Fred

35 weeks :D Vest: Maternity H&M, Shirt: Men's shirt from charity shop, Jeans: New Look maternity :D
Not long now peeps! Wish me luck as I become larger and more incapable of doing anything! Yesterday when I was walking back from town with hubby I was huffing and puffing all achy and Dave was asking if I wanted him to carry anything for me (all I was carrying was a hot chocolate and a cake! Good combo I know ;) ) and I was just like... it's the baby I need you to carry! He did try to lift it and be all cute for me (yep the hubster is capable of cuteness ;) even at 27 hehe) but yep... think my daily errands into town and bringing home a couple of bags of shopping are over :( methinks Londis will be becoming my new best friend!

Ta'ra ma luvs! <3

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