Sunday, 23 September 2012


In our Relief Society lesson today the teacher asked if we ever feel we get blessings we don't deserve. I do. I definitely do. All the time. My life is made of them!

Today my big blessing is our little baby. Not just the fact that we've managed to create a life, but that this life is going to be blessed with the greatest family in the world! Knowing that I have my mum, dad, sister and brother in my life makes me realise that whatever mine and Dave's failings as parents may be, they will have grandparents and aunts and uncles that can make up for our mishaps! Perhaps the reason we're being blessed with ickle pip is because of how amazing they are :D that definitely makes more sense :D A weekend with them makes me realise why eternal families in the next life is going to be so unbelievably magical! Who wouldn't want to spend forever with the Vingoe's :D

Little pip there's some pretty special people waiting to meet you! But you already know that ;)

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