Saturday, 15 September 2012

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock...

6 weeks to go! Maybe even less!!! Who knows?!! I jolly well wish I did :)

To aid in my countdown I have decided I am going to make the most of shops getting too excited for Christmas and buy an advent calendar for October :) one benefit of having a baby due the 25th :) but aiming to get one that goes to New Years... you know.. just in case, otherwise I think life would be unbearable if I was overdue and had no chocolate left :( I shall let you know which one I purchase! Shall have to be a gender equal one too so baby doesn't take offence!

In need of a wee catch up methinks!

We spent a lovely weekend last weekend in Leeds catching up with my bro in his new swanky bachelor pad (hubby was a wee bit jealous methinks!), and friends from our old ward- especially a certain beautiful little family called the Parr's who have a gorgeous little girlie who Davey Babes fell in love with just a little bit! He said he was trying to impress me with his daddy skills but I think he was just charmed by her rather a lot! But who wouldn't be! :)

Then Tuesday was our 2nd anniversary :D we spent a lovely evening together sharing presents (mainly of the chocolate variety), going to a VERY yummy italian restaurant (it's like PROPER italian as it's family run and there was a little family argument in italian in the middle of dinner :) defo added to the atmosphere! LOVED IT! The head chef, and I imagine the big daddy of the company just kept shouting "FINITO"!), and watching The Hunger Games :D was well worth the wait! The past 2 years have been a whirlwind! This past year especially! We've achieved so much it's truly magical and can only be because of a wonderful loving Heavenly Father, and earthly family, who have blessed us soooooooo much!! A marriage is really made up of love from so many sources :) though the love between us cheesy two has definitely grown, and no doubt will explode even more once little pip arrives! The mind boggles!!

I would do a separate post on my wee fashion experiments.. but let's be honest... what is the point :D

Comfy and colourful!

Cardigan: Monsoon bought from charity shop, Top: Primark, Bottoms: Primark, Necklace: stolen from sister! :D

The stretchy at least 5 yr old dress!

Dress: Dorothy Perkins circa 2007! Shoes: Primark

All american! 

T-shirt: Primark, Cardi: River Island, Jeggings: Primark, Shoes: Converse

Skulls and nude!

Shirt: Men's Levi's shirt bought for bargain from Oxfam :) it's got mini skulls and pistols on it! Very on trend! Top: Topshop, Jeggings: Primark, Shoes: Primark, Necklace: Primark

Offical 34 Week pic! Was going to cut out my head but hey, let's not make you think I'm actually photogenic! Double chin wahey! Jumper: Maternity New Look, Top: Tophop, Leggings: Primark
My favouritist fashion discovery this week!

Shirt: Levi's, Vest: River Island, Skirt: New Look (got it a year or so ago for £2!! Got it in blue too! I know a bargain when I see one! Though it's not very maxi skirt in this given the bump! But the stretchiness is very handy :D)

 Quite impressed with myself actually now :D Check me out! Though today's outfit was less exciting hence no picture :D muahahahaha... why destroy the illusion!

Okay, brain is not functioning anymore! Pregnant Bethy Bonss needs milk and double stuffed oreos :D ooooooo yah!!

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