Friday, 19 October 2012

Happy Day :D

Today has been a good day. A VERY good day! A very good day indeedy do :)

Had my pressentation scan first thing this morning. I won't lie, I woke up at 6.30am unable to get back to sleep as I got a bit worried and paranoid about where baby was moving. But then Pippin gave me a cuddle and told me it would all be ok! And after rather a few prayers I started to feel like it would!

The scanning lady didn't keep us waiting too long and as soon as she started she said its head was down :D a HUGE relief. I then tried to refrain from looking at the screen too much in case I saw anything in the downstairs department, but to be honest everything was so big and grey me and ma had no idea what was going on! Even better though she couldn't measure little pip's head properly because it was so low down :) then they gave us the low down- baby is swimming in the right amount of fluid (so my hugeness so many people see in me is not lots of water) but baby is above average in size but not on the 'big' scale! She said, around 8lbs with a slightly evil twinkle in her eye. I asked if I could get it in writing and she laughed... But she did in someway assure me it's not a 10lb monster!
So we were all very happy! Just means pip needs to arrive soon because I don't really want it growing much more considering it could be in there another 2 or so weeks!

Was also a happy day as ma and pa surprised us by giving us our Christmas present early :) a most amazingest tumble dryer! Our lives are complete! I'm sure it will be well used!

And thirdly, we finally found out how much Davey babe's 6 monthly pay rise is, and it's higher than he thought was possible! A wonderful blessing! Dave said it's as payment from Heavenly Father for his new calling hehe :)

One thing's for sure...we are blessed beyond measure! And secretly I'm hoping we'll get another final one in the next day or two in a chunky baby form :) Surely that's not asking too much ;)

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  1. I completely relate, Beth. You chunky baby will match all of mine.

    Good luck! The wait is such a mind game, but you will win!