Thursday, 4 October 2012

Full term??? What?? Huh???....

When did this happen! Although it seems a long time coming, I'm now suddenly realising how fast the past 9 months have gone! It makes the mind boggle!

37 weeks today... so baby will officially be arriving in the next 5 weeks!! Like this is it... this is the be all end all!! Obviously it would be nice for it to come in 2-3 weeks :) but I'm getting to the point where I don't really mind waiting as the reality of everything is starting to set in.... I'm gonna be a mum with a newborn baby for pity's sake! Who planned this???? There's one big man cheese to hold responsible that's for sure (and nope it's not Davey Babes!).

Met with my wonderful midwife yesterday for THE talk! And I was surprised how relaxed I felt coming out. I think I'm just really grateful that I have a laid back personality in terms of I accept that what's going to happen in birth is going to happen and I can't control it... luckily I'm not big on being in control of everything too.... Also helps that my midwife's not made a big deal of having a birth plan, so I don't have false expectations! The dream plan would be to have a low risk labour, and to be able to just relax at home and have baths as long as possible before needing to go to the hospital (I'm planning Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, and Twilight marathons to pass the time :). Would love to go to the birth centre and have a birthing pool and other contraptions and have a normal labour :) not sure if I want to deliver in the bath, but I imagine if everything gets going I'll just go along with whatever feels right and is the most relaxing. But I'm ready for whatever they think is best for me and I accept that water and gas and air may not be enough to keep me sane, and I may be in labour for a LONG time and need other help! As long as I can stay relaxed and those around me keep calm (which I hear midwives are PRO at) I think I'll be ready for anything! But maybe that's a bit hopeful. As long as baby comes out happy and healthy I'll accept however and whatever way it needs to come into the world!

So when are they going to arrive?! That's the question now! We've started taking sex, date and weight guesses, and most think it will be just before or just after my due date of the 25th, that it will be a boy, and weigh no more than 8lbs (which secretly makes me happy :). Dave and I are being somewhat optimistic I think though.. as he's guessed next Saturday (13th) and my feeling a couple of months ago was the 15th so I thought I would go with that. Although Dave was adamant that baby is coming today... but at the moment that's definitely not proving to be the case! I think he's just looking forward to having time off work :D little does he know it's not gonna be quite the holiday experience :D

My mum is coming to stay the week of my due date, and then my dads coming to join her the following week, so I think they're hoping it will come whilst they are here, which would be nice. Although I can't imagine what my mums gonna be like if Dave and I have to go into the hospital whilst she's here by herself, and she decides to stay at our house to wait it out. I'd bet that we'd come back to a spick and span house.. may have to get lots of baking ingredients so she can bake the time out! Fingers crossed there'll be a Man Utd game on to distract her... but the combination could also make her nerves explode... we shall see :D

One thing's for sure the next few weeks are going to be new and exciting and well... who knows?? :)

AND... we finally have our boys name :D woop woop! Just in time hey? I keep forgetting that we don't know what sex it is.. it's just become a baby :D with no bits either way hehe...

Wish me luck and relaxation!

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