Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Poorly Patrick Pair

Writing this amid sniffles and a fatty feeling head... as well as with a baby inside me who seems to be all to happy to keep me awake when I'm trying to rest. One piece of advice... do not get a cold in your final weeks of pregnancy! Tis not fun at all! As if you didn't have trouble sleeping already... I woke up at 1.45am this morning feeling a wee bit delirious and unable to get to sleep! After changing rooms twice, I managed to get a couple more hours before I woke up all zombieish and said goodbye to the hubby. I actually felt like a ghost... a very heavy tired useless ghost... though somehow I still managed to make his pack lunch- was obviously in automatic mode! After saying a big loud prayer out loud I decided to listen to some general conference and rest... so I rested during that before managing another hours rest. At least my spirit was edified even if my body totally wasn't! All in all has been a long tiring poorly day.. but very gratefully hubby has stayed home from going out to Ward Council... I felt slightly bad as it was like his first opportunity to properly do his duty as the new second councillor on the bishopric (we were rather shock-ed and amaz-ed by the call to say the least, and it's taken some adjusting to!), but obviously they all understand that poorly pregnant wives come first, even if it's only his company that makes me feel any better :D Plus... he had the cold first, so it's kinda his fault I've got it I reckon! You share everything in marriage it seems!

Second reason not to get poorly when pregnant is that your only source of medication is paracetamol.. oh how I dream of beechums and actifed, and all those other drowsy or caffeine fueled pills! Thus hot lemon and olbas oil are also on the menu to try and sooth this poor soul- I'm not one to shy from self pitying especially when in such a state! Luckily got my 38 week midwife appt tomorrow so maybe the midwife will be able to give me some magic cure! One can only hope! Baby better wait this cold out before it comes... I is not ready to go into labour with a runny nose... not a good look I'm sure and not the best first impression to give to little pip! So stay in there for the weekend at least :D

Hoping you feel appropriately sorry for me :) flowers and chocolate are welcome (chocolate more so if I'm totally honest!)

Here's to hoping for a better night's sleep :( oh how I feel this is but a snippet of things to come!!

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