Thursday, 18 October 2012

The naughty 39 week old...

39 weeks today! And baby is proving to be more like it's daddy than ever being a cheeky little thing! Saw the midwife this morning and she's was trying to find baby's heart but they were playing up! She couldn't work out where it was and stuff.. she said it felt like pip's head was down in my pelvis, but she was picking up their heart high up.. and then there's a boney lump where the bum should be which could be it's head (or a boney bum!). Sooo yep... all very upside daisy and it means we get to see little pip tomorrow morning on a scan! I think we may be shielding our eyes from the screen as I've heard that bits or lack of bits are much easier to see this far on! But it does mean that soon to be Nanny Shell will get to come with me as her and pa are arriving tonight, so it will be a wee adventure! Let's just hope this baby sorts itself out!! Otherwise I'll be having a few words with them!!!

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  1. That's exactly what Ross did. I'm sure "it" will all turn out the right way up!!! good luck