Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Midday Nails :)

Sally's nap has allowed me to change my nails :) it's ridiculous how much joy I get out of painting my nails! And I just had to share this gorgeous colour with you! Got it from TKMaxx a couple of months ago and only just cracked it open today! It's stunning! 
Makes me think of mermaids :) it's called blue rhapsody. On another note, this top coat from Revlon is AMAZING! It's much thinner than my previous love Seche Vite, but for me it dries quicker, leaves a nice shine, and because it's thinner my varnish takes longer to chip (before I'd changed them my nail varnish had lasted just over 4 days! That's amazing for me!) Also my Seche Vite has got so thick and gloopy (with just under half left in the bottle) and I can't really see this one following suit!

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