Sunday, 1 June 2014

Want you back... want you back... want you back for good

Oooooo Take That how I long for your next album and tour.....

It has been over a month since my last blog post... so as a way of doing a sort of catch up I thought I would share with you some of my favourite things from May... warning... this is likely to be a very wordy post... with no pictures.... deal with it punk :P
  1. Number one has to most definitely be our new first proper mortgage home :D it was LONG awaited for but now we're here it is literally home :D I still don't think we've quite realised how grown up it is to have a mortgage, or that the house is 'ours'... but don't worry, once I crack open a tin of paint I'm sure that will change :D
  2. Our first family holiday :) Although this was officially at the end of April, it did cross over into May by a couple of days :) it was so nice just getting away from the stress of packing and just enjoy being a little family :) in a BEAUTIFUL caravan in Cumbria, just down the road from Dave's family :) so we got to spend lots of time with them :D Sally wooed them as she does everyone :) may do a post of pictures of it later :)
  3. Chesterfield's new chapel! It opened the day we left for holiday, so we had to hold out to see it till we got back... and golly gosh is it beautiful! Not only is it in the best location for a chapel I have EVER seen (and I've seen a lot of chapels) but it's just plain stunning! Plus it has under floor hearting, and a whiteboard that rises from the side of the pulpit... you know like the televisions that rise from posh beds :D way too cool :D
  4. Being on the YW's presidency... it's only been a few months but I love those girls so darn much (the presidency and the yw themselves :D). I just forgot how wonderful of an environment it is, and just how much fun I can be :) being a mummy can sometimes make you forget that :)
  5. Having a garden :) it may be mostly concrete slabs at the minute (quite nice ones though, perfect for Sally's chalks :) but it's just amazing how just sitting out in the sunshine for even just 5 mins can make your day so much better. Plus Sals is in love with all things creepy crawly. Let's just say she had a Lenny from 'Of Mice and Men' moment with a woodlouse... one minute she was kissing it (I had to try so hard not to react totally disgusted as I don't want her to get wimpy), the next she had just his head in her hands... don't worry she didn't eat it... well at least I hope she didn't. Her latest best buddies are the spiders that live in our bathroom :) shhh... don't tell my mum....
  6. Having a big bathroom... and space in general :D the first time Sally came in the house once we were moving she just ran from wall to wall in the living room screaming :D she likes it :D a lot :D
  7. Preparing for my brother's wedding!!! Woop de woop! So excited :) even got my outfit sorted :) so happy for him and Eve (she's gorgeous, and the perfect match for my one of a kind bro ;). I can't lie though, I'm most excited for Sally being the flower girl :D and the food of course.... nom nom nom...
  8. Big Bang Theory- Davey Babes and I have been big watchers of this for ages... and since getting him the series 1-5 for father's day last year our love for it has grown even more! We've been mashing in the episodes this month and I cannot get enough :) you thought I'd have enough geekiness with engineers for a hubby and brother... and all the other geeky stuff they do.
  9. My Sally :D she is always a favourite, now and forever! She's been a bit lazy on the speaking front but this past month she's grown a ton physically but also decided to actually bother repeating things I say and just surprise me by saying words all of a sudden of her own accord, like 'shoes' and banana... or as she loves to say it (like a minion) 'ba-ba-ba'- she says it in hushed dramatic tones too. She also does THE cutest dancing and excited noises and fist pumping when she likes something... for example when the choccy treats come out :) naughty mummy.... though she does get super excited about tomatoes and cheese too.... gotta love her!
  10. A blogging break! It has allowed me to kinda re-evaluate my life a bit and try and get my head around what I want to be doing with my time, and I don't want blogging to takeover anymore :) I'm writing my first novel (onto chapter 8) and I really want that to be my thing :) it's just something I've always been secretly wanting to do since I was a kid reading Roald Dahl books... I want to be a writer of more than just a blog, so that's what I'm gonna do. My plan is to finish my first draft by the end of the year... and I'm telling all you guys so that you hold me to that goal :) don't let me falter okay? Because I will blame you... for sho!
There's been so much more stuff I've been loving but I think that about sums it up! Now I'm off to do my first day of the 30 day ab challenge... bye bye poochy tummy :) the rest of you curves can stay ;) ;)

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