Friday, 8 June 2012

When will I see you... again- well approximately 20 weeks :)

We're halfway there!! CRAZY!! Had my 20 week scan today and baby passed all the tests- saw its heart (all 4 chambers), its iddy biddy kidney, legs, knees, feet, hands and brain! Oh! And diaphragm! Lots of stuff! She was finding it hard to get a good look and measurement of its legs as Pip had them squished up to its chest. She was about to give up when it did a full 180 flip and had its legs "akimbo" as she said :) So at least someone was having fun with all the moving around because it makes me a wee bit nauseous hehe :D

Felt no real distinguishable "kicks" but I always can tell when its sleepy and still and when its live and kicking! So I'm not too worried!

Got myself a wee bit nervous about the scan today (inherited the major worrying gene from mummy- but is probably every pregnant lady's choice of mood!) so was very grateful that everything still continues to be perfect! I have been blessed very much with an "easy" pregnancy! The only real problem now is that I feel quite lightheaded and woozy at times, but it's expected at this time of pregnancy! Had to sit out of moving rooms around with Dave, ma and pa yesterday. Felt a bit bad incase they thought I was pulling the pregnancy card out! But they understood :D

So because everything went so well today, we won't be seeing little Pip till they decide to come out into the world! It's gonna be much bigger by then methinks! Do have a fun glucose tolerance test at 28 weeks though because daddy has diabetes! So it will be fun fasting for over 12 hours when I'm that far along.

Will upload some bumpy fashion clothes pics soon!

Lots of love from Bethy and little Pip! xx

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