Friday, 15 June 2012

The wonders of pregnancy!

I have just come across the greatest part of pregnancy- besides the juicy baby growing inside me....
The comfiest things alive!! No jokes!! Think I am going to wear them the rest of my life :) I bought two pairs from New Look for under £25 thanks to money off and student discount :D The pair I have on today are "supersoft":) it's like wearing pjs :D hehe....

This discovery has made my ever growing self more positive! Been feeling a bit down the last week or so, getting so worn out getting dressed in terms of trying to find clothes that are comfy other than my stretchy dresses! Not only am I growing a bump on the front but all bumps and lumps and humps are growing, making all things more difficult! If anyone tells me I look lovely I laugh before saying... "Ooooo thanks" :) hehe... I often have the Black Eyed Peas song "My Humps" in my head :D hehe.... been a while since I've sung that :D All this growth is especially frustrating as I've only put on just over 1kg since being pregnant instead of the average 4.5kg... so maybe it's just moving from north and south to the middle! Hehe...

I do quite enjoy the challenge of finding outfits though... it's like my own real-life dress up game :D.... though recently my outfits seem more and more mumsie.....hehe... here's a few of mine from the past 5 weeks! And you can see my wee bump too!

Here is my "official" 16 week photo:

Fitting in "normal" jeans thanks to button extender :D (very useful purchase!)

Leggings are going to be a pregnancy essential methinks!

Then the sun came out! Was very happy that this skirt fitted no probs! Though I don't think it will much longer! :(

My rather larger 20 week self:

Disguised it well in this one! Think it's because it's still rather low down:

And finally a glimpse of the most wonderful supersoft maternity jeans :D

Here's to getting bigger every day and being a mumsie in every way :D

I think the phrase "Keep Calm and Carry On" is going to become very poignant!

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