Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Baby Be Gone

Okay... so I (and Dave of course) experienced something new these past few days... here's how the events unfolded...
*quick disclaimer, if you think this is going to be some super exciting experience then you are going to be nothing but disappointed! This is my life :) and the smallest things are exciting (though this wasn't that small to me)
We went over to Nanny and Pop's this Easter weekend, and had a wonderful time hanging out with family and some super close family friends (they're basically adopted). Safe to say Sally made two new best friends, and I was very tempted to decide to adopt a 5 year girl and 3 year old boy for Sally's siblings :)
Here's a pic of our Sals hanging out with her best gal pal Bella under the table ;)

So yep, basically ate a load of chocolate and a SUPERB roast on Sunday (like the best ever!!!)
Then Sunday evening, after we put Sally to bed Dave and I left for Chesterfield... without her!!! What was I thinking???? Basically we wanted to use the whole Bank Holiday Monday to carry on really getting the house sorted ready to move (yes we are moving... but that's gonna be a whole other post!).
When we got in it suddenly dawned on me just how long I was gonna be parted from my bubba... Two nights and nearly two whole days! The longest we'd been parted before this was one night for Dave's work do in December. I literally just kept repeating out loud "I've got no Sally". Literally for that first night and pretty much the entire Monday I kept realising little things about how much Sally has changed my life... and other stuff like that...
  • I had to facetime her for the first time EVER! I finally got to experience what it's like for my mum and dad just seeing her on a screen, but I have to say it reassured me even more that she is THE most gorgeous girl ever, and she just does the cutest things- including eating her dinner like a boss.
  • Lie ins are nice, but you want them so much more when you've been woken by a baby than by your bladder- you get me?
  • It's strange eating breakfast in front of the tv at 10am in the morning... I literally felt like I had lost a whole day in time....
  • Meal times just seem too simple to fathom....
  • No matter how many times your hubby tells you that Sally's not here, the baby's coos and giggles next door immediately make you think it's here.
  • You can vacuum the whole house in 30mins- including going up 2 flights of stairs!
  • All chores and various 'to dos' are done in a matter of minutes.
  • You don't have to worry about being seen with chocolate.
  • You don't get sleepy snuggles, or any other snuggles at that :(
  • There's no going up to bed silent ninja style... stomp and creak the floorboards all you want.
  • The house, and your heart somewhat, feels empty :(
Okay that was a few more things than I was expecting, but I think you get the picture! I just missed her sooooo darn much!!!! So when she came home this afternoon/evening (of as Sheldon cleverly describes 'pre-evening') I was dancing in excitement in the kitchen waiting for her :) and when she saw me I got the biggest and longest cuddles ever! Like a good 10 minutes! Which luckily for her meant I was all too ready to forgive her for her nappy over-filling and her basically weeing on my hip mid cuddles.... ahhhh feel the warm love ;) It's just so nice to have her home, but also a HUGE blessing to know that she's been so happy with her Nanny and Pops (and Auntie Rella ;).  In fact until this afternoon I wondered whether she even missed me one little bit :) now I can go to bed smiling... I'll let you know if I'm still smiling 6.30am tomorrow morning!
Here's a Sally selfie for you :D
Look at that hair!!! My little messy mooch!!!!

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