Thursday, 16 June 2011

Family Thursdays- Mumsie :D

Time for my second spooner bestest buddy!! My mummy!! Here she is....
She's the one on the left :) Rella's on the right :D

She's beautiful isn't she :) well here are the reasons why she's my bestest buddy :) like EVER!! And boy are there lots of things to share!!

She's CRAZY!! Just a tad loopy :) and she is more than willing to admit it! Anyone who has been in our family house on a few occasions is more than likely to have heard her playing her music very loud in the kitchen whilst singing- also very loudly! She can never hear the door or phone :) fab!!! In general she can have her mad moments- usually when she's around other crazy ladies, i.e. me, Rella Roo, Juwiiiaaaa, Hannah Banana and Kate :D Here is some evidence which I'm sure she'll be happy I'm sharing with the wide web :) hehe...
Using the Jacob the Sheep Rug as a nappy and doing an odd dance....
Pretending to be on a motorbike and dancing to Girls Aloud - 'Something Kinda Ooh'... boy if only I had the video :D hehe

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