Friday, 10 June 2011

Family Thursdays

I saw a link on facebook a while ago that said that a best friend isn't your best friend until you've spooned them! If that's the case, then I have 4 best friends :D
  1. Davey Babes (of course!!)
  2. My mumsie!
  3. Rella Roo (my skin and blister!)
  4. Hannah Banana!
I shall be exploring my relationship with each one over the next few weeks :D

Today shall be Dave's day :) Well I have gotta keep him happy!!
It is dead easy for me to say that I married my best friend :) it's like he's part of me :) even when he goes to uni without me, and we're apart for like 6hrs, he'll still call me 2 or three times for a chat. I'm starting to think we're gonna miss each other lots when he gets a big boys job, as we're together pretty much 24/7. Being around each other soooo much and not getting too annoyed with each other (he can be like an annoying little brother sometimes), just goes to prove methinks that we are bestest buddies.

So avoiding the mushy lovey dovey cheesehead stuff (as this post is about friendship), one of the best things about Dave is that he can be SUPER SILLY!! Here is proof.....
He does it completely randomly, with no encouragement from me (until the silliness is underway of course!!). However this cheekyness is used by him, in other ways... when he's in trouble. He quite literally is like a little kid, and he'll put on this little voice and pull a puppy dog face and say silly things, which make it incredibly hard to stay annoyed with him. I am slightly worried for when we have chidlers of our own, and the things he may teach them, which will make disciplining them very difficult! Well at least they'll be cute!!

You can guarentee that this silliness will come out to play when I am on the phone to Shell. It's as if he's fighting for my attention- but then it turns out he just wants the attention of mumsie, and he'll talk silly to her down the phone! I think my ma and hubby have the silliest relationship! You cannot be sad with them in your life- it's quite literally impossible!!

So yes, here's to my silly hubby who's the bestest buddy in the whole widest world!!

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