Thursday, 16 June 2011

Wonder Wednesday..

The wonders of my day to day are...
  • Finding Pop Tarts in the cupboard which I'd totally forgotten about buying :)
  • The Apprentice!!! I LOVE IT SO BLOOMING MUCH!!! 
  • Cross-stitching :) my new favouritist hobby :) 
  • Starting a ickle bit of house hunting, as the big bro may live with us next year :D hehe..
  • Chocolate kelloggs crunchy nut clusters :) just can't get enough of them :D
  • Searching for engineering jobs for Davey Babes..and getting just an ickle bit excited about the potential wages- but lets be honest any wage is heaven to 2 students :) hehe..
Well that's it this Wednesday :) Cheerio!! xxx

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