Tuesday, 7 June 2011

TV Tuesdays :D

Ok it's official!! It's been FOREVER!! Quite literally!! My greatest apoligies, but I had to put my blogging to the side during my most wonderful end of year assignments and exams! They went well :) so I believe it was a good choice! So the past week I've been doing NOTHING!! And it has been AMAZING!! I keep thinking.. hmm what do I need to do, then realise I am FREE!!! For pretty much 4 months :) now that is a nice feeling indeed!! (Though I am going to try and get a job over the summer fingers crossed :). So yesh... during this chilaxed week, I have been blog brainstorming! And decided to structure myself some more-especially for the summer during my perhaps pending boredom hehe.. not that I am in anyway complaining ;). So for each day of the week I am going to have a different focus... Ta daaaaaa.....
  • 'M' for Monday- contemplate things beginning with 'M' to do with my life!! Including 'mmmmmmm' for food :) hehe...
  • TV Tuesdays- well hey, it is an actual hobby of mine- however anti-social :D hehe..
  • Wonder Wednesdays- reveal the wonders of my life and what I'm thankful for.
  • Family (Friends) Thursdays- dedicated to the most important people in my life :) may even get them to write a blog or two for me.
  • Fashion Fridays- boy do I have some gems for you!! I've started sowing, and serious charity shopping!! I'm such a Molly Mormon!!
  • Surprise Saturdays- a surprise ;) hehe what ever I feel like! Shall run WILD!!!
  • Sacred Sundays- share my most precious experiences, and discoveries in the scriptures :)
So there you go!! What do you think??

Well here's my first TV Tuesday blog!!!

As many of you know, I study Criminal Justice and Criminology at uni (and no its not some artsy fartsy degree- it has quite literally changed my whole perception of crime and prison in a very good way!). Thus, I claim that my fascination and addiction to pretty much all crime programmes (have grown bored of CSI by the way), is because I am researching my degree, and expanding my knowledge!! But I also love many other tv programmes, so I shall share with you 2- that are on Tuesdays!! (Clever huh??? :)

Pippin and I were converted to this superhero goodness by Dave's younger brother Joe (who is AWESOME!!). The final season started tonight!! And boy is it exciting!! And I'm not even kidding- I don't watch it because of Tom Welling- though the Green Arrow = ;) ;) hehe... anyways.. it is just super duper cool... what is most exciting is that this is the season where Clark Kent FINALLY gets the good old primary colours out!!! WOOP WOOP!! Here's a sneaky preview ;)
Can't help but beam with joy!! :D Sooo yep not much more to say... it quite literally leaves one speechless (though Davey Babes always tells me off for making little comments here and there during the programme...naughty naughty!!)


He's in LA trying to promote the food revolution, and it is ridiculous how they're not letting him into their school cafeterias to see the undoubtedly horrific food!! At this rate Americans are gonna kill themselves via diabetes, heart disease and all the other hundreds of diet related diseases!! So Jamie Oliver is the REAL superman for America- so LISTEN TO HIM!!! Arghhhhhh!! Frustrates me muchly!! So, yep... Jamie Oliver big hero- and not just because he makes the yummiest food EVER!!! And has SUPER cute kids!!!
So there's a snippet into my TV life- don't worry there is MUCH more to come... so much TV and sooo little time!!

Do any of you guys watch these AWESOME programmes?? :D If not yet- then you should :) join me in my laziness :D

Well... back to Jamie Oliver and our most wonderful telly... oh I have a wonderful life hehe... xx

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  1. Nice to have you back in "Blogland" Beth, I've missed you.