Thursday, 9 June 2011

Wonder Wednesday

Here are the wonderful wonders of my day:
  • Domino's pizza for breakfast (after doing a 45min workout- yep, you heard right... EXERCISE!!)
  • Charity shopping!! Yep, I just couldn't control myself- got four tops, a dress, and a skirt for just over £17, and the money went to charity!! Can't believe I didn't discover this guilt free experience before :D
  • Domino's pizza for lunch :) hehe...
  • The never ceasing excitement of getting my avon order through!!
  • Hanging out with my most awesomest brother!! 
  • Going to see X-Men: First Class- was truly AMAZING!! Better than all the other xmen movies methinks!- and there's nothing at the end of the credits.. trust me! 
  • The most fantabbydoodle Bones episode :D :D :D :D :D The best EVER!!!
  • Calling my mum just as she'd picked up the phone to call me :D 
  • All in all the most incredible family- don't think anyone could wish for greater. Period. And I shall continue to sing their praises for the rest of my life!!
My Family
Tom Arber Photography © 2010

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