Thursday, 3 April 2014

March Favourites 2014

So excited it's April! Got our first proper family holiday the end of this month, just the 3 of us :D And we should be moving before then too.... though I don't like to talk about that much... not that I'm bummed or anything that it's taking this long!!!!!!!
Let's talk beauty to cheer me up :) Here's what I've been loving this month....
Yep, that's right, I'm mentioning cotton pads again!! Click here to see the full blog on these... just get yourself to an Aldi and buy these babies!!!! NOW!!!! The end.

NIVEA® Daily Essentials Soothing Cleansing Mousse- this caught my eye when I was stocking up on my Nivea face creams and I just could not resist. I use it in the mornings I'm not showering (getting into the tmi zone :/) to just freshen my face and cleanse it a bit more to really get rid of any impurities I may have missed removing my make up the night before. I guess you could use it at night, but I don't like rinsing my face in an evening, it wakes me up to much! So I tend to just stick to my micellar water :D Anyways... back to the product... so yep it looks like water then when you pump it (usually do 2 pumps so my face gets nice and frothy :) it's all moussey- a magic that baffles the engineer hubby :D It's specifically designed for dry and sensitive skin and I do find it super gentle and it leaves my skin soft and left with moisture. Some cleansers can really leave your face tight and almost buffed sore, but this one's right up my street :D in general I feel my skin has been in a better condition because of this addition.... check me getting my rhymes out.

No7 Smokey Eyeliner Brush- been wanting a pencil like brush for an age, and this one fits the bill! Not too pricey and the perfect size to use in the inner corner... and to smoke up your eye can you believe it?
Avon Brow and Lash Comb- use it mainly for the brow side just to tame those babies! Unruly folks... Love it :D

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream- gonna be doing a use and review make up look using this next week so I'll waffle on about it more then, but let's just say I'm pre-tty sure this baby's gonna be a favourite FOREVER!!!!! Floopin' amazing!!
The accompanying eye cream is also pretty good- like it more for its hydration abilities and general eye care than coverage and general looking goodness under the eye. Have pretty much used it all month though :) just love how easy it is to apply with its clever little nibby wibby...

Accesorize Baked Blush- I've had this beauty for a while now but have only started REALLY loving it now that spring has arrived and a corally cheek looks beaut! It's a blush and highlight combined (to me anyway) and it is the most gorgeous pinky peachy shade that you can just effortlessly sweep over your cheeks :) love it especially for everyday, or when I'm wearing a stronger eye (my eyes have some super muscles ;). Reminds me in looks of the Hourglass Ambient Blushes that all the beauty gurus have been harping on about- I imagine they may be longer lasting or what not- or at least I hope so for the price! But for the price of this I really don't think you can go wrong :D Easy peasy pigmented squeezy. Can't find the link online but they still had them in store when I last went in!

Barry M Touch of Magic Lip Paint- see my use and review make up look of this here. It's magical, beautiful and long-lasting! That about sums it up.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti- Got this from my big sis (rhyming again ;) for my birthday in January, but only started really using it this month. It's the perfect easy orange lip for everyday spring! It's all the trend apparently, that tangerine lip malarkey. It's nourishing and you don't have to worry about it bleeding out as it's somewhat sheer whilst still giving a healthy punch of colour! Love this formulation so much.... it's likely more will make their way into my collection this year... I hope!

So there you go! Very springy, naturally looking skin kinda favourites. The sun must be making an appearance this spring!! WAHOO!!
If you're new to the blog leave me a comment! Have had quite a few more views the past month and I want to know who's stalking me :D just to feel a bit safer you know ;)

Also check out my bestie Hannah Banana's blog, where she did a guest post for me, comparing Benefit's They're Real mascara with Avon Supershock... she's pretty darn hilarious :D miss you banana woman!!!

Happy April minus the showers :) apart from the ones where you clean yourself of course.... no one likes a stinky...

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