Thursday, 17 April 2014

Spring Wedding Make-Up Use & Review

Yo, yo, yo... back again! This is the make-up I am going to be wearing for my friends wedding in early May! It's long lasting and just simply peachy/pinky beautiful! Plus I'm playing the piano for the day so I don't want to bring even more attention to myself by doing some crazy make-up that accentuates my possibly questionable piano playing... wish me luck!

Here's a before and after- side note, my foundation mixture of YSL and Rimmel is PERFECT and long lasting :D I've never realised the awesomeness of it before the before and after shots! In love <3
Now to the 3 products I'm gonna review.

Have been using this for a month or more now and I think I've just about mastered it. In this before and after pic I've used both the highlight and pencil end, just for reviewing purposes ya know. The highlight end is not for me though- it's an odd pearlescent shade which is just to shimmery for my liking- especially for under the brow. The formulation is a bit odd too, very kinda chunky and not very blendable, clinging to any stray brow hairs you have- which in my case are many due to my no plucking lifestyle. The only somewhat use for it is to highlight the inner corner, but even then I don't LOVE it.
The brow filler end is my friend though :) I think it's a close to perfect shade match for my brows. Just use it to fill them out a bit so they look a little thicker and richer, and try and form a bit more shape to them- which I think it succeeds in doing. I always use a brow gel over the top to hold the hairs though as they can get a bit wild!! Defo prefer the pencil method to powder now, which has surprised me. Tis just reassuring to know that when you use them you don't have to end up looking like your brows are tattooed on.... not a look for me my friends... And for £3 I think it's a fab starter to brow pencil use and getting the hang of it- more complicated than you think. Plus it's a twisty up pencil so no need for sharpening (the evil time consumer, especially when your sharpener goes walkies... devilish thing).

Beauty UK Baked Box in Halo
Got this a little while ago (see haul here) and I was very excited to give it ago. To be honest it wasn't as impressive as I hoped it was going to be, but I don't know what I was expecting to get for the £3.99 it cost. I've now pin pointed what nags me about it- it's not very creamy, so you don't pick up a lot of product in one go and the pay off isn't spectacular. However this does mean it's buildable which is probably a good thing to have in a highlighter as you don't want to end up looking part alien. It a lovely neutral/pale pink shade, and as it's more specifically designed as a blush it's very wearable, especially for those new to highlighters. It doesn't pick up too well in photos (again perhaps a good thing as you don't want to look like a shine ball) but in person it gives off a gorgeous glowish shimmer. Really like it for a subtle healthy highlight. It also lasts a long time too (I was still glowing come bedtime). Defo better than the MUA Undress Me one, which in my opinion is a complete fail, but still searching for 'the one'... I have a feeling I may have to resort to high end... how long till Christmas? :)

MAC Lipstick in Coral Bliss (crème sheen)
All I really want to say about this lipstick is that I LOVE IT! The packaging, the colour, the formulation, the scent... EVERYTHING! Once you're MAC you never go back? I defo think that drugstore lipsticks can be just as good, but there's just something about owning your first MAC lipstick, especially when it's in the most perfect your lips but better corally shade for Spring/Summer. Definitely will be getting some good use out of this :) hubby really likes it too- how it makes your lips 'shiny' (his words). It's long lasting and leaves a nice stain so you don't have to worry about it wearing- a trait most likely true for all the crème sheen MAC lipsticks :) going to treasure this one as I'm not likely to get another one for a while... my precioussss...

Just a quick note to my eye make-up- used only the Naked 3 Palette as its shades are literally perfect for Spring/Summer. Just created a pinky/peachy slightly purpley base then just added a bit of definition by darkening up the outer corner, top and bottom lash line, with the darkest shade in the palette. Wouldn't really call it smokey as I didn't want anything too dramatic. More to just make the eye look wider and just more defined... like I know what I'm talking about??!? Hehe...

Obviously when you're creating a make-up look for a wedding, you want it to last all day. Here are some of my tips that I used in this make-up:
  • If you're filling your brows use a brow gel, as I find this not only keeps your hairs in place but also makes the colour last longer. If you can get a colour and gel in one then Bob's your Uncle! I love GOSH Defining Brow Gel as it's clear and fool proof (doesn't leave your brows looking or feeling stiff either).
  • Use a primer-whatever suits your skin best, be it to reduce oil, or just hold make-up in place for longer. You can get some super inexpensive drugstore ones that are mega. My picks are Nivea Express Hydration Primer (for dry and sensitive skin, to just make a dry patch free finish) and Maybelline Baby Skin Primer (great at smoothing out your bumpy parts and minimalizing those pores).
  • Use an eyeshadow primer- I tend to use one in everyday use just because creases really drive me crazy. My all time fail proof favourite is Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Now this will literally last you FOREVER!
  • Use layers... e.g. eyeshadow on eyeshadow, powder blush over cream blush, and a lip stain under lipstick (the Benefit tints are SUPER for this on both lip and cheek). It just means if things do wear a little there's something underneath.
  • Set your concealer (and foundation if you get oily) with a powder. My choice is purse friendly Natural Collection Loose Powder (just £1.99!!). I prefer loose as I am towards the dry skin side of the scale, and it's much kinda to my skin and doesn't cake.
  • Finish with a spritz of fixing spray- I've been using Collection Fix Me Up, which I quite like (for the price :), though I'm sure Urban Decay's are much better. Just think of it like hairspray, but for your face.
Just one last note- if there's going to be flash photography at the wedding (most likely) then avoid any foundations or concealers with too high of an SPF as it will flashback and make you look like a ghost. Trust me I've seen the results before and its not pretty (the brides party had had their make-up done professionally, but obviously the artist wasn't that much of a professional!).

Anyways... long post.... but hey, lots of useful information hopefully! Have a fab Easter Weekend! Be sure to remember the true meaning of Easter amongst all that chocolate scoffing.

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