Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Spring Beauty Haul

Okay... I went shopping again :( I have no excuse other than I 'needed' these things ;) hehe...
First stop was Superdrug!
MUA Bronzed Perfection- After giving the bronzer from the Artiste MUA palette a go (see use and review here) I had to pick me up a big one... and I don't think bronzers get much bigger than this one! It's huge and was only £3! The tester seemed promising, but I have yet to try it out on my face. Seems better than my Bourjois one in swatch though... eeeek.....

Collection Work The Colour Shadow Pencil in Vintage Pink- have swatched these pencils almost every time I've ever gone past a Collection stand. I've always been flabbergasted by how they just set and literally cannot be moved! This pink colour has a gorgeous almost bronzeness to it which I think is perfect for everyday. Can't get much easier in application either. So tempted by the chocolate shade too! Naughty, naughty...

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair- a standard purchase when it's in stock! These babies literally zoom off the shelves! So thought I'd stock up as mine is running low! They have a new shade choice too!

Maybelline Baby Skin Primer- thought I'd see what all this covering pore fuss is about. I've had a sample of the Benefit Porefessional before and I really didn't like it. But this MUCH cheaper alternative is already more my friend as it is completely clear in colour. Just to use it all over the face now! Heard lots of good things about it so shall have to see.

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer in Light- trying to find the PERFECT under eye concealer and brightener in one- have always felt the Collection one is too heavy for under the eye. Seen this used in tutorials online and it looks impressive, so I can hope! It's anti-wrinkle too, and of late my under eye lines have been scaring me.... let's not even get onto the first signs of grey hair! I can't be doing with dying it!!!

Sleek Storm I-Divine- this was an unexpected purchase, and risky too :) whilst in Superdrug I decided to wonder over to the reduced/damaged products stand, and this palette was there in its box all taped up. There was no way of seeing the damage inside, but at £3.99 instead of £7.99 I just had to get it... daring I know! When I got home and opened it I was horrored by the blackness that was literally getting everywhere! A fair few baby wipes later and it's true beauty was revealed! Best off all only the black shadow had shattered completely- the dark matte brown is slightly chipped but all the others were unharmed except from a little black dusting! Some of the shades are just gorgeous!!! If only it was Autumn/Winter again- don't worry I'll be patient, I do really love the sunshine. The copper red ones in the right corner are just sooooo mmmmmm...!!!! So happy I got it in case you couldn't tell.

Then there was my first proper exploration of the beauty section of TKMaxx... my life will never be the same! I literally was picking up EVERYTHING!! I just about managed to contain myself! The bargains are ridiculous!
Real Techniques Travel Essentials- I've wanted this set from the beginning of my obsession!!! Then when I saw it for just £14.99 (normally £20.99) I literally could not resist!!!! It deserves all these '!!!!!' So excited to see how it changes my life... well make up life... got big plans for these babies....

Got a whole selection of nail varnishes (the Sally Hansen and Essie ones came in sets but have set aside some for the birthday box!) at BARGAIN prices! They had Nails Inc. varnishes for £5.
Butter London in Molly Coddled- the name alone made me fall in love. Also it was the only Butter London polish there and the first one I've ever owned- for just £5.99 how could I say no. So excited to give this gorgeous lilac a go. Plus the packaging is just so yummy.

Sally Hansen in Plum Luck- first time buying Sally Hanson too, and this colour is a gorgeous deep berry purple. Came in a set of 4 for just £7.99.

Essie in Adore-A-Ball- how could you not love this almost white nude. It's gonna look so good, I can feel it in my bones. I don't have a colour like it and the Essie brushes are just so darn good- I think they're my favourite brush :)

Essie in Blue Rhapsody- another colour I've not got anything like- a silvery, almost denimish blue. Really excited to see how this looks on. FYI follow me on twitter (@bethybonss) to see my NOTDs (nails of the day) as I don't really share much nail stuff on here... and it's like my biggest addiction....

Time for some freebies!
Eyeko Lash Curler- Got these beautiful babies free with this month's Instyle magazine :D usually retail for £12, so to get them for like £3 and a mag too, I'm a happy lass! Interested to see how they compare to my Superdrug 99p ones. The navy velvety handles already please me muchly.

Finally, and perhaps best of all, a product I didn't pay for in any shape or form :D I won it in a giveaway over on my cousins blog! Can't believe that the first giveaway I win is my cousins! Mental!! Got to pick what shade I wanted and this one seemed the most beautiful when researching :D

Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss in Lovechild- what do you think? First impressions are that it's a beautiful ever so slightly blue toned neutral pink gloss. The formula feels sooooo luxurious and nourishing! And the packaging is just soooooo pretty. A happy Bethy :D Be sure to go check out Dee's blog here- it's pretty darn amazing! She is too :) and I'm not just saying that because she's family ;)

BB xx

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