Thursday, 10 April 2014

Matte Smokey Eye Use & Review

Time for another Use and Review post- warning the pictures are not as high a quality as I used my phone! Tried to create a nice smokey evening look that can also be worked during the day without seeming 'draggish' ;)

Here's everything I used!



CC cream- I had heard many good reviews of this product, so I caved about a month ago and decided to give it a try.

I never really got the whole BB cream fiasco- to me they seemed no different to standard foundations. But with having quite a lot of redness in my skin (due to its sensitivity) I was expecting better results from a CC cream. I normally apply it with my fingers as it's much more of a face cream texture than a foundation and I just find it goes into my skin better that way. It feels like you're applying a moisturiser too, which is nice because it leaves me with no fears of streaky skin or weird dry patches. Because it just blends into your skin so well, when I first used it I didn't really believe it could have covered or changed my skin tone that much. But boy oh boy! Look in the mirror and pow! The effect it has with such a little amount is AMAZING! See for yourselves!

How could you not love it? You can use it by itself for day to day just to even things out (I find it lasts relatively well, though I do still use my primer just to calm my sensitive skin down a bit more). If you're wanting to go for a more flawless finish though you can use foundation over the top, which I did this day :) the coverage by itself is still pretty impressive though, but I don't think the coverage is designed to last all day like a regular foundation- thus making it better for everyday use, or under your usual foundation. It contains 3 pigments to help colour correct any discoloration- apricot for anti-fatigue, green for anti-redness (my best friend) and white for anti-dark spots. I can pretty much conclude it works on all those levels! Also seems to reduce a bit of shine too, whilst still being hydrating (claims 24hr hydration, and I can say by the end of the day I don't feel 'dry' which is always a good 'un for me). It is also SPF 15 which makes me love it for spring sunny days when your skin needs that little bit added of protection.

As for the eye cream, I've fallen in love to! It's coverage is much less, but is designed more to illuminate and care for the delicate eye area by moisturising it as well. It just feels so much more of a natural product to use under the eye than my previous concealer (Collection Lasting Perfection) which sometimes caked. It definitely completes the face when used with the face cream, and you're left just looking awake and natural! It does settle in lines a bit, but I only notice it when I'm wearing my specs and everything around the eye area is magnified! The eye cream is also SPF 15 :D The most impressive thing about it though is its silicone applicator. It seems so much more hygienic than the brushes you usually get for eye concealers, and it is cooling and smooth in its application- other brands I'm sure will take note as it just makes life so much easier!

Lips- Here's the look with the nude lip day option (an old Rimmel Moisture Renew in 400 Nude Delight- they now have a new formulation which is even better!) and the deep red alternative!
Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer- Eclipse

I know it's not a very springy colour, but I bought it January time and there just wasn't enough winter months left to fully appreciate how perfect of a deep raspberry red this is!!! I have always loved the Apocalips formulation- super pigmented and creamy. They feel sooooo luxurious on the lips and last a long long long time. It also leaves a beautiful stain, so you don't have to worry about eating and stuff, being left with a hot mess on your face. Easy to apply to with the little applicator holding the perfect amount of lacquer :D a pure genius product all round!!!!
Will do a more springy one next time don't worry :D got a new spring shade MAC lipstick to show off after all ;) just saying it gets me excited.....ahhh.... *twinkles inside*

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