Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Happy belated Mother's Day to you all :D
Mother's Day is, of recent, my favourite 'celebration' after Christmas and before my birthday :D after all being a mum and treating your own mum is more important than getting one year older :D

My day started with a big snuggle from my Sals :D Then it was time for breaky brought up to me, not quite in my bed, but in our spare room where I was wishing happy mother's day to my own mumsie! I had a bowl of Lucky Charms and a glass of chocolate milk :) who needs a full cooked breakfast when you can have sugar???!!
Here's what I got :)
Sally carried these through to me :) GORGEOUS!!
May have made a couple of suggestions ;) Also got two gold tea light holders but forgot to take a photo of them :/
My first M.A.C lipstick :D and product! Coral Bliss :D what a beauty!!
And last but by no means least...
Paper daffodil from the Primary children at church, and my card from Sally :) 
My dad then cooked us all the most delicious roast chicken dinner :) Dave prepared the veg and kept him company :) so my mum and I got to relax and enjoy each other's company and Sally :D

On this most wonderful of days I was able to reflect on the amazingness of my mum- I've done a whole post on her before, before I was a mum myself. But there's now a couple of things I see in her that I hope one day Sally will recognise in me :)
  • Family is first- both in life choices but also in terms of selflessness. We always came first, even I that meant mum missed out.
  • She loves you no matter what :) and you can talk to her about EVERYTHING :)
  • Always cooks home meals, that are wholesome and delicious- those YSA in Leeds are SO blessed! I'm not at all jealous ;)
  • She has supported my dad in everything, no complaints- from working long hours, his various time consuming callings, and those random purchases he makes from time to time :)
  • Her testimony of Jesus Christ is always burning. Her example makes me realise what is necessary to keep the faith, and her happiness radiates from her- the most beautiful woman on this earth.
  • She's the most Christ-like person I know, and most likely will ever know. The service she gives to everything and everyone baffles me. She's done some things for free, out of love, that some people even if paid, wouldn't do for their families.
  • Her family love her more than anything and everything :D and we will be forever in her debt for the rest of our lives (pretty sure my dad, Rella and Chris whole heartedly concur!)
Love you mum,

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