Tuesday, 7 January 2014

2013 Beauty Favourites

I'm back! Time for a beauty post! Here goes!!!!
Let's start with skincare, body, face EVERYWHERE! ;)
Start with the simple things! Tesco Everyday Value 80 cotton wool pads. I like to get the best price for everything and these do the job! What's the point of paying pretty pennies for something that's going in the bin once it's cleaned your mucky face :D Can't find the link for them online but I think they're something ridiculous like 45p. My kinda cost!

B. Pure Micellar Water. This has been my main companion to the trustee pads. Been using this stuff for a year now and have gone through a few bottles. It is the perfect make-up remover and general face cleanser. It has also won a couple of awards which is always a good sign of a reliable product. The B. range as a whole has been a wonderful new discovery for me this year and this item is by far my favourite, and shall long have its place on my bathroom shelf. Ditch those wipes and grab some of this! Even removes waterproof mascara and is a great general cleanser! I have heard on the grapevine it's a lot like Bio Derma, but easier to find and cheaper :) It's now only £3.32 instead of the usual £4.99 at Superdrug (the only place it's available). My skin has never been so good and this had definitely been one of the keys to that. Doesn't aggravate my sensitive and dry skin either.... I could go on and on.... but I'm sure I'll mention it again in the future!

Another B. product I have come to LOVE! The B. Refined Exfoliating Cleanser. This seems to be lasting forever which I am most happy about. As I have dry and sensitive skin I try not to aggravate it too much so only use this on my face once a week or twice if I have any breakouts, which hardly occur ever thanks to this baby! It has tiny beads which dissolve in rubbing and has no unpleasant nor fragrant scent. Really is simply designed to give your face a good scrub. Really love it! Not used any face scrubs in the past but this is for sure a keeper!
Now to my only lip product to make it into my favourites this year, and it was definitely an unexpected one! The Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Lip Butter. I got this mainly because Zoella (an awesome blogger and youtuber) had said it was really good sometime last year. So I caved in and got it (luckily it was only a few pennies!). To be quite honest, although I used it frequently, mainly before bedtime as part of my night time routine, I only really liked it because it was like After Eights in gloss moisture form. It would not have made it into this post had it not been for me not taking it with me for the week we spent at my parent's for Christmas. After a day or two of being without it I realised how desperately my lips needed it! Yummy scrummy moisture that keep my lips happy! This tube has also lasted FOREVER! Showing no signs of running out and I've been using it for nearly a year now :)
Now for make-up related favourites.... this may take a while!
Maybelline Falsies Waterproof Mascara (Black). I didn't think I was going to find a mascara better than Benefit's They're Real, but then I tried this out! Mainly bought it as I needed a waterproof mascara for the summer, but it is simply the greatest mascara I've ever used! Perfect if you want your eyelashes to look literally AMAZING! It was also really nice to return to a non-plastic brush :) and the spoon design of this one is super for catching all your lashes from root to tip. Get some!!! Plus I love big chunky packaging.
This is the alternative to Falsies that has been my mascara go to this year! Avon Super Extend Mascara in brown/black. I had previously had this in just the black but I love it in this shade more as it is perfect for everyday, when you want to look more natural. I love it especially because it catches every lash and coats them nice and evenly. Just love the natural effect it gives. I won't lie though, I may just get falsies in brown if it even exists! Not sure if you can get this exact one from Avon anymore as they're always changing their stock, but there is likely to be something very similar!
Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner. These are by far a must have! They are an excellent dupe for Urban Decay's 24hr gel liners, but at a snippet of the price- especially if you get them in a sales brochure for like £2-£3. And the range of colours are gorgeous! Perfect for both waterlines and on the lid itself. The plummy-brown shades are my favourite for everyday. But I keep adding to the collection as you can see.
These are my only favourite eye shadows of this year (I love the rest but these I have used the most), Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo. I have the colour Permanent Taupe (left) and On-and-On Bronze (right). These are a cream shadow that blend beautifully before setting (I use my ring finger to apply). The taupe colour is matte and can be built up to a darker shade or blended out to be much fairer and the perfect base for more pinky/purple toned shadows. And the bronze is slightly shimmery and perfect just by itself. I turn to these most days I wear makeup for an easy everyday look. Plus they're super quick and easy to apply which is of great importance with a 14 month old close by, or even being held wanting to help mummy do her makeup (she's gonna be a pro by the time she's 4 years old). The little glass pots are going to last forever! The range has some other beautiful shades too! Only con is that when you use other shadows on top they can crease by the end of the day, but by themselves they are perfect!
The final product eye wise are two of my Real Techniques eye brushes. They are the Shading Brush (top) and the Base Shadow Brush (bottom). I tend to use the base shadow brush for my base shadow (who'd have thought it!!!) and in my crease. The shading I tend to used with cream shadows, for packing on shadow or for using shadows to define the outer edge of my eye more- for example creating a smokey eye. The Chapman sister's brushes are all amazing! Every make-up lover should definitely have at least one, if not more... lots more! They are completely synthetic so cruelty free, and clean easy peasy. They do everything you ask them to basically so are super versatile! And they're a bargain price considering how much you often pay for brushes who do just as good a job!
Do brows count as eyes? Here be Gosh Defining Brow Gel. The last quarter of the year I decided to rage against the machine and refuse to pluck my eyebrows for the foreseeable future. Luckily my brows don't get bushy but all brows need a little controlling. This gel is perfect! It's clear and keeps your brows in place all day! It also doesn't go crispy like some clear gels do. Just a perfect find that was unexpected from a brand I have nothing else from, but shall definitely look into more thanks to this product! Also works perfectly over brow powder if I fill my brows in.
Now to the general face department :) Collection 16hr Lasting Perfection Concealer. This will not come as a surprise to beauty geeks that this is a favourite! It's a favourite of pretty much everyone that uses it! It's easy to apply, has perfect long lasting coverage and has no faults I can find (except the black ink labelling rubbing off almost immediately). I have the two lightest shades, fair and light. I use fair (the lightest) under my eyes and where I want my face to be more highlighted, and light on blemishes :D the perfect combo! Need not try any other concealer! And it is a bargain too for the quality.

Bourjois Délice de Poudre Bronzing Powder. I have never really been a bronzer user until I decided to try this out. Yes I will admit I was mainly drawn in because it looks like chocolate :D It is lasting FOREVER and is matte but not muddy. I generally just like it and have used it every make up day since I've had it. It also smells delightful! I imagine there are better bronzers out there which I shall venture to find once I've had my fun with this! Also great for contouring by the way :) I'm full of such useful little facts! Another brand I have not ventured into much.
Avon Colour and Contour Rose Glow. Pretty sure you can't get this any more as I've had it for a good year or two, but I've loved it from the start! The perfect highlighter and blush combo. They are both very shimmery and highly pigmented so you have to be light with application (but it does mean it lasts forever). Using both together is perhaps not suitable for everyday- but definitely for more glamorous occasions! But the highlighter is perfect for whenever! Just beautiful on the cheekbones!
Real Techniques Blush Brush and Expert Face Brush. The perfect duo for my face! The blush brush, until I recently got a couple new brushes, I used for bronzer, blush, highlight and powder, and it did all jobs sufficiently. It is definitely my favourite for bronzer though, as it's tapered design means it blends whilst applying :) and it's super soft! The expert face brush is the only brush I'll use now to apply foundation. It blends it beautifully for a flawless finish! A must must must have!!!!

 Nails Inc. Soho Silk base coat. I bought this on recommendation when I got my nails done last year for my birthday at Nails Inc. in Meadowhall (highly recommend it!). When I've painted my nails previously (especially with yellow nail varnish) the varnish has stained my nails not so attractively, even when I've used a base coat. The nail lady (how technical) said this base coat is really good at preventing staining and because it creates a white base the colour is more vibrant. And it has not let me down. Definitely my favourite base coat I've ever used! A big recommend of mine if you've had similar staining issues! Also when you use it by itself it creates a lovely healthy nail look :) Pricey (as Nails Inc always is unless you bag a deal :) but for me it's worth it!
And that's it!!! Not much hey? And that was a narrowed down list! Hope you enjoy these beauty related bogs and find them useful in some shape or form! Ciao!


  1. I love beauty posts and finding out what other people are using! I think I'll be purchasing that micellar water! I use body shop eye make up remover and it used to be really good but they've gone and done a new and improved version which is rubbish! I really have to tug at my eyes to get my make up off so I will have to try this one! I love that maybelline mascara too! Their lash lift up is good too!


    1. I'm he same! Love a good nosey into beauty stuff :D The micellar water isn't specifically designed to removed mascara but it does a pretty decent job. Works best if you just rest the cotton pad on your eyes a few seconds before wiping so that the product can absorb it more. Do wake up with panda eyes still some days though, but it quickly removes them too! Only an issue really with my benefit They're Real mascara as it's a real toughy to get rid of with anything!