Saturday, 18 January 2014

Disney Movie Rewards

Okay... granted... this post is going to seem a little random, but I feel it so very necessary to share! I do love a good deal, and freebies are even better.... especially when they come in Disney form :D

Not sure how many of you know about this but when you purchase a Disney DVD in the UK (not sure about U.S.A but I imagine they have something similar) inside the case you will find a leaflet with a code on with a website! Here's the link so you can go check it out yourself!

Basically you just register your details then enter your codes from each DVD you have (you need the case too for the last 6 digits of the barcode). It then gets turned into points, normally 100 points for a single DVD. With the points you can earn rewards! That's right! Points make prizes!!! The best prizes I think are the DVDs, which include a load of Disney's best! They cost around 500 points, more for a blu-ray. So if you have 5 DVDs you get one free :D But there's also a ton of other stuff you can get. Including lots of different character based downloadable and printable colouring and puzzle like packs perfect for kiddies :D It's just an awesome place so very easily overlooked!
So far I have got Cinderella, John Carter and the Midnight Before Christmas free... possibly one more but can't remember! And it's so easy to get the reward, just put your address down and boom it arrives in the post a couple of days later :D

So go raid the DVD case!!!! You may even find codes in other Disney malarkey so keep an eye out!

You are most welcome for me highlighting these freebies :D Make sure you mention me in your memoirs.... xx

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